Drive Leads With Cloud-Based Call Center Software


How can your business capture, measure, and retain leads from multiple channels? Is it even possible for one system to encompass web chat, SMS, email inquiries, social media messages, as well as calls? With today’s advanced cloud call center software, it’s not only possible, it’s imperative.

Omnichannel enhancement

It’s not enough to have a product or service that customers want. Their first interaction with your company must be a positive one where all their questions are answered by a knowledgeable, organized professional. These days, with as many different channels of inquiries coming into your business, your staff might be overwhelmed, disconnected from all potential platforms of information, and so bogged down by your process that they become unable to respond to customers in the timeliest fashion.

This is where technology is rising to the occasion, bringing omnichannel connectivity to your beleaguered customer service representatives. Your customers might be making their next buying decision at 1:00 a.m. or while on a brief lunch break, researching from their mobile device. They will likely be looking through online reviews or engaging with your FAQs page before attempting to contact you. Your customers are savvy, informed, and don’t have time to waste on endless voicemail trees and ten minute call hold times.

Today’s call center software can deliver what your customers need when they need it by implementing a variety of new technologies to seamlessly integrate the customer service experience. No matter what channel your next customer chooses to engage with your company, your agents will be ready to communicate. A caller that needs an answer to a simple question can get help via chat support or email rather than having to call in. This leaves your reps free to handle more complex calls with top quality customer service instead of rushing to hang up and answer the next call.

Quickly find pain points

The ability to merge customer contact across all platforms and channels helps alleviate any current bottlenecks in your customer service process. Without cloud-based call center software, you might not realize that your team is losing incoming calls or unable to respond to Facebook, Google, or Twitter inquiries as quickly as possible. With a cloud-based software, your team won’t need to seek out customer inquiries across multiple channels. Instead, these inquiries will be merged into one unified omnichannel stream of communication. Not only does this enable a seamless transition between channels, but it also allows customers to stay in contact with the same agent and switch between channels as needed.

Call center software also empowers managers with advanced reporting and metric tools that will help them fine-tune the customer service experience to maximize earnings. With appropriate presets in place, past calls can be used as training situations for current and new customer service representatives, and they can expose priorities for both process and policy improvements. This software helps you put your entire client-facing system under a microscope so that you can improve the health and strength of your customer service responsiveness.

Today’s cloud call center software is on the leading edge of what the average business person even realizes is possible. Implementing this kind of software can not only improve your lead retention and customer service capability, but it can also positively impact employee morale. Giving your team the tools to keep up with the modern digital onslaught can help reduce turnover and fatigue, reduce customer wait times, and beef up your bottom line by capturing sales that might otherwise have been lost otherwise.