You can try hundreds of marketing methods to drive sells at your drop shipping site or eCommerce sites. Yet, you don’t need them as much as you think. The one thing you need to generate sells is the Testimonies or Reviews in your Drop shipping or eCommerce sites. Drop Shipping and eCommerce works very differently but the way to market them is very similar and so the trust score. You must be thinking how to create Reviews when you can’t create sell. There are ways to do it, so let’s start with this topic today.

Why Drop Shipping and eCommerce Differ?

This is a little off-topic but you need to understand it. Drop shipping and eCommerce Sites are similar in some ways but also different in many ways they conduct the business. In Drop shipping, you don’t need to keep stocks with you and rent a warehouse to keep them. It works simple, once you generate a sell. You will forward the order to the whole server within whom you have partnered for Journal Review drop shipping. he will send it to your customer under your name as a vendor. eCommerce is different if you are in eCommerce you need to maintain the huge website as well as a warehouse with all the stocks. once you will get an order. You will ship it yourself and monitor till it is shipped properly and safely in their destination.

Which one is better?

Both drop shipping and eCommerce sites have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you, which type of business model is good for you. Anyways, Drop shipping will save a lot of money for you, which you can utilize for Marketing and maintenance of sites. You don’t need to bother if the product has reached properly or not, all will be overlooked by the Vendor.

Role of Review in Sales Generation

Now, let’s get back to our primary topic, how to get perfect Reviews fro your site. you can generate more sell when your Site looks authentic to the potential visitors. You may ask a question, that I got the best developer to get the site properly done isn’t it still enough/ Well no it is not.  It is something fraction of that you actually need for your site. Customers widely depend on reviews by previous customers and if you really want to generate sells you need to have Reviews as well as Testimonies for your site. the best way to get reviews is approaching authentic sites for reviews. you can also contact various Youtubers or Instagram Influencers to get it done.

All you need is to approach them for a review. They are likely to accept it, though they will give an honest review of your product. they may ask you for some fee which you should pay for them. still, keep in mind, you need to send a copy of your product in them so they can review it.

Youtubers, Instagram and Authority sites are good for outreach if you are looking for authentic reviews. Apart from Reviews, it will also market a lot for you and attract a lot of new customers from around the world. Research by Journal Review also shows that Site verified by Norton works far better than regular SSL sites.