Earn money online without spending a even a dime


Earlier, for earning online it needed owning a website, or selling products and services. But these days there are many dot-coms that which are ready to pay for the knowledge you convey and your network though you are not a person who designs web or excel in marketing. However, it is hard these days to differentiate the legit ones from scam. So it is advised to do some research before adopting a method to make money. Here are some ways you can earn money online without having to spend even a dime.

1. Refer your friends

There are many sites online that pay you upfront for referring friends. Rewards for referring can range up to $50 to several thousand dollars. Websites like Zyoin, Referearns etc help in connecting the employers and the employees who are already working and not job hunting, through networking. In case you know many people who are in search of a job, then this is one of the best ways to earn money through recruitment.

2. Connect suppliers and buyers

Referral fee is common in business world, but it is not put to much practice for the reason that they cannot be tracked earlier. But now it is easily possible with sites like Salesconz, uRefer etc. The referral fee is set by the vendors they would like to pay, and they pay you when the money is transacted. Sites like uRefer also allow merchants for setting programs that refer people, set meetings between the suppliers and buyers and transactions too.

3. Write

Writing online can fetch decent amount of money these days. As the number of blogs are increasing these days, so is the demand for content for the blogs, as the blog owners are busy with other things they are hiring writers or pay to sites for buying articles, these sites in turn pay you for writing a article on a given topic. The amount you get paid varies on the number of words. You can earn decent amount of money which can be from $3-$15 for each article. So if you have good writing skills then earn money this way. Try some of the best sites like iWriter, guru, elance, ehow etc.

4. Own a blog

to own a blog these day is very easy. for this you do not have to own a website or install a blogging software on your computer. You can own a free blog in just a few minutes by visiting “blogger.com”. It will automate Google adsense too, so you do not have to worry about displaying ads. Once you get enough visitors to your blog you get paid money when the adds are clicked. For earning additional money you can set up affiliate programs for some items you are interested in and then the affiliate links can be inserted when the items are referred to. It takes quite some time and heavy web traffic for becoming a blogger with 6 figures, but if you write well with interesting topics then you will get a quick start.

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5. Advertise others products

In case own a blog or website already then search for people that offer related products but those that are non-competing with yours and check for any affiliation programs that they have. Always stick to services and products that are similar to you, which makes it easy to sell. Place adds, , include links. In order to promote a particular product create sales page or a website.

Follow these simple tips and methods to earn money online. Remember it takes sometime so be patient and you will be rewarded.