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The top free data recovery software system to recover deleted, formatted or perhaps lost data from the Personal computer, laptop computer or maybe removable gadget easily and even quickly. Take 3 Hassle-free Steps to Restore Your Lost Data Quickly, scan, lunch and then recover your very own lost data

EaseUS data recovery software leads you to discover lost data files correctly and recovers from PC, laptop computer, hard drive, SSD, USB, memory card, high-end camera, and many others. Until you find all of the lost data back again.

The Best Data Recovery Software

EaseUS presents its selection of software to try to recover your data lost and erased by mistake.

No one is safe from data loss. Do not panic! Our software will allow you to recover most of your data – documents, photos, music files, messages, passwords, whatever the storage medium: internal or external hard drive, USB key, memory card, iPhone, iPod Better: some WebApps directly offer the backup of data stored on the main online services. In case the proposed solutions do not work, the recovery is never 100% guaranteed.

Beginner Or Experienced User Gets All Your Data

The simple and efficient data recovery software fits perfectly to novice users. The application can restore all types of files: documents, photos, videos, music files, emails, etc. the data recovery software supports various types of storage: hard drives, external hard drive, USB key, memory card, iPod, MP3 player, etc.


To facilitate the use of the application, the data recovery software Assistant offers to help you recover deleted files free. You want to Select the kind of data you are trying to recover (images, music, documents, video, compressed files or mails). You can also view all types of recoverable files. Then you will need to select the location of the file. Data recovery software can specifically search for deleted files on all removable drives, users’ document folders or trash. You can also search everywhere on your computer.


Once you have done these steps, click on the Start button to start the search. After the search is finished, you are going to see a list of files found by data recovery software. Simply choose the very files you need to recover and click on the Recover button.

If you do not wish to use the Data Recovery Wizard, simply press the ” Cancel ” key to use data recovery software in its advanced mode for more advanced users.

In case a previous scan failed in the file search, you can enable the deep scan. Note that it can take  (hours) for large discs.


Well Known Data Recovery Software

Our data recovery software is well known to Mac users, EaseUS Data Recovery software is now available on PC. This data recovery utility has a major advantage: a simple and intuitive interface,  accessible to all. Detecting both internal disks and external storage devices (USB sticks, memory cards, and even iPods), EaseUS Data Recovery software has several recovery algorithms and performs fast analysis and in-depth analysis as needed, until all Recoverable files are found.

Once the analysis is complete, all you have to do is select a backup directory and click on the very Recover key or perhaps button to start the file recovery.


Recovery Is Then Very Easy, By Selecting The Items To Save And Then Clicking On The Button Recover.

EaseUS Data Recovery software Supporting many file systems (NTFS, FAT, EFS, etc.) EaseUS Data Recovery software can recover data even if it has been compressed or encrypted, both on the internal hard disk of your PC and on USB sticks, external hard drives or memory cards. Its operation is within reach of all since it is sufficient to indicate the storage device on which you want to recover files to start an analysis.


Who Is Better Placed Than A Storage Device Manufacturer To Offer A Data Recovery Tool?

EaseUS is a perfect demonstration of its utility Data Recovery software Pro, a recovery software easy to use and primarily for the general public. Compatible with both hard disks and SSDs, memory cards and other USB sticks, Data Recovery software Pro version can recover all types of file formats: images, videos, documents, etc.


Its main asset lies in an intuitive interface incorporating a real recovery assistant that guides you through the various stages of the process. Indeed, upon opt, Data Recovery software Pro displays the list of detected devices on which it can search for deleted files. The next step is to select the file extensions you want to prioritize for each type of file. All items recovered by Data Recovery software Pro are automatically saved to the root of your PC’s system disk in a directory called Recovered Files. However, remember to choose a directory or a backup device different from the system disk to avoid rewriting on the system disk and to risk destroying your chances of recovering deleted files.


Easeus Data Recovery Software Able To Analyze Whether It’s A Simple Or Not

Whether it’s a simple USB stick or an external hard drive, EaseUS Data Recovery can analyze the contents of all the storage media connected to your machine, including the system disk. The main advantage of this program, it requires no installation and can be opened from a USB key dedicated to this use.

EaseUS Data Recovery offers immediate access to the disks that it detects and takes care of searching in depth all the deleted files by leaving you the possibility to set a filter to restrict, for example, the search to a specific file type. The file recovery is also very simple since it is enough to highlight the elements to find, click on the “Recover” button, then indicate the directory in which the recovered data will be stored.

EaseUS Data Recovery software offers 3 great steps, and the 3 methods to recover your lost data work well. The free version is great, but the upgrade EaseUS Data Recovery software styles which are Pro & Pro plus WinPE are much better, read here for more info.

  1. Data Recovery software Free of charge
  2. Data Recovery software Pro
  3. Data Recovery software Pro plus WinPE

The EaseUS Data Recovery software can recover data from both the hard drive of your PC and external storage devices such as USB sticks, memory cards, and other external hard drives. Very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface, EaseUS Data Recovery operates on any file.