Easy Free Followers Instagram Hacks That You Should Be Using Right Now


There are more than 700 million active users on Instagram each month, meaning that you have plenty of opportunity to grab a few thousand new followers and customers. That’s exactly what you want, too, as Instagram is the most social app on the market today. Users actively engage with businesses both on the platform and in real life, converting virtual followers into real-life customers. Getting real, organic free followers on Instagram is an easy way to ensure that your business is booming this year.

Not convinced that this could work for you?

Consider this: over 80 percent of users on the platform follow a business Instagram account. Over 120 million of them are engaging with these businesses in meaningful ways, which naturally converts to sales.

Having an active Instagram account also allows you the opportunity to fully be there for your potential customers so that they can contact you easily and quickly. Utilizing the platform is just good modern business practice.

Needless to say, if you’re not making your Instagram account a priority, then you are missing out on a massive audience that is eager to engage.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to get more Instagram followers. Instead, it is a series of strategic actions that will bring your target audience right to your page. There are a few tools to help you do that, but the biggest task is to simply connect with your target audience. There is nothing more valuable than a real human connection.

In this guide, we will outline exactly how to create an Instagram account that attracts more followers and then keeps them.

That being said, there are a few things you must always remember.

First, in order to get more Instagram followers fast, you must be consistent. You cannot use these free hacks once a month and expect good results. These hacks are to be used daily because your target audience is on the platform just as often.

Next, you must be authentic. This may sound cheesy but so are the cheesy accounts that don’t feel like there is a real human being behind them. This means that not only will you reach your potential followers, but you will connect with them, share with them, and motivate them to do the same with your account.

Ready to get more Instagram followers the natural and easy way? Here are the best free followers hacks that you can do right now:

Research Your Competitors (and use what works)

While this may seem counterintuitive, it is extremely effective. Your competitors have something that you want: engaged and passionate followers. In order to access those followers, try using a strategy that has worked in the past.

This is where researching your competition comes into play.

By researching your competition, you will be able to have a realistic view of what the followers in your industry are like. You will also be able to easily see which styles of content work and which styles have failed. This includes which hashtags work for your industry and which do not.

Even more valuable is to peek into what your follower expectations may be. If your competitors are posting daily and engaging constantly, the followers will expect the same from your account, as well. Your competitors will give you a clear blueprint of what you should be aiming for in your own account.

Cross Promote Your Instagram Account (to get more exposure)

Your Instagram page should be visible from more places than just Instagram. Utilize your other social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, to redirect traffic back to your Instagram page. Include a link to your Instagram account on your website, in your business emails, and even on any business paraphernalia.

Why? Because people that are already on your website, Facebook page, or in your store are already interested in your business! They are the easiest people to convince to follow your Instagram account, so go get them.

Create Good Content (that people actually like)

It is understandable that you may be busy running a business or website, so your content may not get the attention that it deserves. This, however, could be hurting your Instagram more than you may know. The moment that a potential followers sees your hodgepodge page of pictures, they will likely bounce right out of there and never return. Instead, be mindful of the content that you put out.

Even if you don’t have much time, you can still create beautiful content. One of the easiest and most popular ways to do so is with Canva. Canva provides heaps of templates for you to choose from, including pictures, graphics, and fonts. Then, once you settle on a ‘look’ you can simply reuse that template for future posts. This will not only save you time, but it will also help you keep a beautifully curated Instagram page.

Add Great Captions (that engage your followers)

Rather than throwing a picture up on your Instagram and hoping that people like it, add a thoughtful caption. This goes back to the idea that followers want to connect with a real human being behind the Instagram account. Thoughtful captions allow users to authentically connect with both you and your brand.

A great caption will always include these things:

  • Emotional content
  • Authentic voice
  • Call to action

Connect with your followers on a deeper level by posting straight from the heart. This doesn’t necessarily mean to post emotional rants or heavy thoughts. But it does mean to connect with your authentic voice in order to connect on an emotional level with your followers. For example, tell your followers a little bit about your day at the office or your personal goals for your brand.

Lastly, each post should have some kind of call to action. Sometimes it will be appropriate to draw followers to your website, while other times you may simply pose a question. Either way, engage with your followers and give them a push to engage back.

Use The Right Hashtags (to attract new followers)

Hashtags are like direct access to your target audience. So be sure to use them! If you are not sure of which hashtags to use, go back to your competitor’s page to see what they are using. Then head over to Hashtagify to discover other popular and relevant hashtags. Strategic hashtags can get your posts right into the hands of your most enthusiastic potential followers, so use them wisely.

Like Lots of Photos (the ultimate free Instagram followers hack)

One of the easiest ways to get more followers is by liking lots of pictures. It is so simple but it’s the simple truth. Even Neil Patel recommends this strategy, claiming that if you like 50 pictures per hour then you could bring back several hundred new followers a day.

The problem?

Hardly anyone has time to login to Instagram every hour of the day in order to like 50 photos with a certain hashtag. This is where Growr comes into play. With an automated app like Growr, you simply select your target hashtags and then let the platform do the liking for you.

While many people scoff at automated processes, this one is as close to natural as it gets. Growr isn’t bringing you fake or purchased followers. Rather, it is making the 50 likes per hour that you would make, yourself, if you had the time or energy. That’s really it. It is the best and easiest way to organically get free followers fast with Growr and we can’t rave enough about it.

Make Lots of Comments (to engage with the community)

When you do have a little bit time, make the effort to make lots of comments. This will not only bring your free exposure within your target community, but it will also make you an unofficial authority within that community.


By engaging with your target community continuously, potential followers will realize that you actually know something about that topic. Perhaps the first time they won’t think anything of it, but after the second, third, and perhaps even fourth time they will start to pay attention to your comments.

See where this is heading?

Over time, you will be an established authority on the topic and your target audience will naturally be motivated to follow you. All they needed to get to that point was to simply realize that you’re there!

Follow Lots of Users (by using Instagram auto followers)

Just like liking lots of photos and making lots of comments will bring you more followers, following relevant accounts will do the same. While this is a super easy task to do, it is also incredibly mundane. This is where Growr reappears on this list, as the platform automatically follows users who use your targeted hashtags, just as it does with automatic likes. While many automation tactics can result in questionable practices, this is one that simply mimics behavior that you would be doing anyway, but 24/7 and without any effort by you.

All of these strategies together will ensure that you get free Instagram followers fast. Each of these tactics is super easy to do and, more importantly, free. All you need to do is begin!