Education is one of the fields in which technology has brought a complete overhaul. Members of the contemporary society juggle with tight schedules full of varying tasks each day. For instance, a lady who is a mum and wife might have to take up two jobs and still enroll for Mathematics classes at the university, in order to sharpen and refresh her skills.

Considering that her plate is already quite full, some flexibility of her classes might help a lot. That is where online learning comes in, and Skype offers her an opportunity to interact with private accounting tutor at available over the internet.

This provides one with access to professional services, from the office or the comfort of a home. One of the greatest advantages, after flexibility, is that the tutor customizes lessons according to the specific needs and interests of a student for each case.

The global marketplace for tutoring Preply provides all ages and stages of students with reliable and affordable tutor services for Mathematics, over Skype. Some of the topics available include:

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Business Math
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics

Below is a guideline of how a typical maths session on Skype works:

  • The teacher briefs the student on activities of the day, either via email or towards closure of the previous session.
  • When the time for class arrives, the student and the teacher log into their Skype accounts and establish a live link.
  • Each lesson takes 60 minutes (1 hour), and the tutor uses both written and oral instructions while interacting with the student. The Skype chat window assists the tutor to share written instructions and materials with the student. A virtual blackboard is also available during the session, in form of the share screen feature.
  • The tutor issues the student with an assignment after every session, meant to assess and establish their understanding of the topic.

Changes effected on your curriculum as you desire will be okay, guided by your tutor and depending on your evolving needs and goals. A platform is also available, where the student can ask any questions or raise any concerns with the administrator.

An online whiteboard helps one to upload questions on Skype, where tutors discuss alternative solutions, using graphics or math symbols. Tutors can use a number of whiteboards at the same time, and the student can print or save the contents.

For successful maths learning sessions on Skype, one needs the following:

  • A working Skype account, which is free to open
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A quiet environment where one can focus and concentrate
  • A working webcam on your computer (usually in-built for most computers)
  • A writing tablet, in case you intend to invest a lot in online tutoring (helps in interaction with the shared whiteboards)

In most cases, the tutor will send you a PayPal invoice (widely used online payment platform) after the session. Sending them the problems or topics you want to be covered prior to the next session is a great idea.

Skype has been such a great platform for online learning. We anticipate more interesting services to emerge on this and other similar platforms, making internet learning experiences even better.