Effective ways to grow your business on Instagram


Except for successful offline strategy, each company nowadays must pay attention to the effective presence online. Furthermore, a great number of modern companies prefer to operate only online, as it allows them to cut on operational costs and work with different customers from all over the world. Anyway, an effective strategy to grow a business on Instagram is a must these days. There are a lot of pre-paid tools on this social media, you can organize different advertising campaigns, but let’s take a look at the basic issues you should care about:

  1. A killer bio is a must

Your potential followers need less than a minute to conclude whether you are interested in them or not and to form the initial opinion about your brand. So, you are to make the first visit to your page love from the first sight. That’s why planning and effective Instagram strategy, start with the bio. It is the first thing your potential followers and clients see as they came across your page. So, only of they get interested in your bio, they will scroll down to your posts and tap on the “Follow”. The great importance here has the links you attach to the bio. They should be a company website and other touch-points you can offer to make your audience connect with you. Your bio must include a detailed but not very long description of what you do, mirror the general tone of your brand bad focus on the potential customers you are trying to attract. Instagram link in bio is of enormous importance too. Many companies update the link regularly, as they post new information on their corporate site, others choose a more effective strategy, using more them one link, with the help of multi-link organizers, like www.linkpeak.io. In this way, they not only attach the traffic to their website, but also share the links to the other important touch-points, like telegram channel, podcast, and so on.

2.Set SMART goals for your page

Your page concentrating on your business must have proper goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. So, make sure you have estimated your sources and the audience you focus on correctly. As in other cases of setting a strategy, pay attention to the threat and opportunities in the market, and of course, the main competitors. In other words, make sure you know what to expect from your page and how to achieve what you want at the right time. Among the main goals for the page may be the following:

–  Boosting brand awareness among potential customers

–  Sharing your corporate values with the audience

– Organizing your own community to discuss the problems and issues you are capable to solve, offering solution-based products and services

– Advertising campaigns for new and existing products

– Updates on new arrivals and sales

– Increasing the brand loyalty and avoiding customer switching

– Increasing general engagement of the followers

– Creating positive conditions for new customer habits

– Influencing the lifestyle of the followers…

3.Be consistent in posting schedule

To reach the above mentioned goals, you’ll need a proper content schedule and a posting plan. Learn how often your audience needs, expects and is ready to accept the new content from you. Make sure you have chosen the right schedule to reach your audience when they are online and are ready to get involved in communication with you. You need to think about the frequency of your posts that should not be too active or rare enough to make your followers forget about you. The average posting frequency is from 1.5 to 3 posts daily depending on the industry and the size of the audience you cover.

4.Stay consistent with your style

Your feed should not look like a supermarket with different departments that are connected, only because they share a common space. It means that the pictures that you share should not only be eye-catching but also create a general harmony on the page. Remember about your brand archetype, corporate colors, logo colors, and so on. For these needs, choose the most relevant filters to make all your visual content comprehensive and recognizable. Don’t forget about the fonts, as they have gained significant importance these days. It’s evenly relevant to feed posts and the stories where the text overlaps the visual content and conveys the message of the post to the audience with sound off. So, also make sure you are using a consistent combination of text fonts to make your general style more recognizable.

5.Analyze the effectiveness of the posts

There’s no way to improve your effectiveness without constant attention to analytics. You must keep an eye on which posts are more successful, and which are not met by the audience with that excitement you’ve been expecting. Use the Instagram analytic tools to check the number of likes your post gets. Likes are a sign of approval, they show that you are doing things right if you get a lot of them. Also, check which posts get more comments and what is their nature. If you don’t get enough comments, maybe it’s time to make the content more engaging or simply ask the audience to share their opinion on the topic you offer. Posting Stories with widgets can help you gather priceless pieces of marketing information, and also help you make a strategic decision. For example, you are working on some changes to your logo. To understand what seems more attractive to the audience, add the poll function to the post, so you’ll get help with the right choice. Before posting a piece of content permanently, check how engaging it is posting it in the Stories. The most successful stories can be easily transformed into feed pets or highlights. Analytical information will help you monitor the activity on Instagram and also make a new strategic decision for your business. We all know the best advisors are our clients.