To say that buying your first home can be a headache might be an understatement. You want to find the best rate on your mortgage loan, but with each hard credit inquiry your score can go down, costing you in the long run.  Morty is not your average mortgage broker—they are fully automated. They’ll run your credit once, establish a profile for you, and then reach out to their vast network of lenders to find the ideal loan for you. Best of all, this service is completely free to borrowers—Morty only charges the lenders for each successful loan.


More and more people are beginning to embrace online education as a complement or replacement to traditional four year universities—rather than going to night school or taking some time off work to study, people turn to open source curriculum. Here’s where Teachable comes in—Teachable is a service for teachers / experts in any given field. Their system allows you to design your own online school, from start to finish. First, it helps you to secure a domain name and create a fully functioning website that allows you to upload quizzes, discussion forums, a blog, videos, and make these viewable on any platform or device.

Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics, one of the top startups in NYC, targets individuals who are in the process of recovering from a surgery. If you’ve ever had surgery, you know that there is much more involved in the process than undergoing the knife—you must also heal properly to ensure the procedure has had the desired effect. Force Therapeutics has designed a computer program which syncs your phone with your doctor’s office—allowing them to track your progress via remote monitor (via cell phone pedometer, patient-submitted reports). The app also provides the relevant rehabilitation exercise videos so that the client does not have to visit a costly and time-consuming rehabilitation center for physical therapy.


Like Force Therapeutics, Capsule is a health-oriented tech startup in NYC. This app pairs pharmacists with customers—eliminating the need to wait in line at a pharmacy. Additionally, you have the ability to send text messages to your pharmacist, making it easier than ever to ask questions about your prescriptions. Capsule guarantees prescription delivery in under two hours anywhere in New York City


Partender, as you might guess, is an app for bartenders to keep track of their inventory. At the end of a night at the bar, the bartender simply holds up his/her phone to each bottle of liquor, and then moves a line on the screen to show how much of the bottle has been used. Then, with the click of a button, an excel spreadsheet can be generated to show, at a glance, how much was sold and what might need to be ordered. This spreadsheet can easily be exported to vendors to make new orders nearly automated.This saves countless amounts of time and money.


If you look at the software development market in the United States, you’ll notice a couple things: a national shortage of talent, and a lack of diversity in the hiring field. One company, Andela, takes pride in pairing African IT talent with United States employers. Andela does all of the work of scouting talent across the continent of Africa, and creates a workforce of the top 1% of software developers. Potential software developers for Andela go through a rigorous interview and testing process which stresses performance over items on a resume or CV—this results in a startup that effectively tackles untapped pool of talent in Africa.


If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a meal at Momofuku, you haven’t lived. Chef David Chang blew minds when he created a new restaurant, Ando, which is delivery-only. No longer do you have to choose between fine dining and a night of Netflix. By logging on to the Ando app, you can access a variety of items on the menu to satisfy all cravings, and each item is one which tastes as delicious at home as it would at a restaurant.


Burrow is a couch supplier—pretty straightforward, right? What’s unique about Burrow is the ease of delivery. New York City is probably one of the hardest cities in which to move—crowded streets, narrow stairwells, delivery charges, etc. Burrow helps you tackle the couch in its easy online process. The couch comes in small boxes, whether you get one a loveseat or a full 4-seater. These boxes come right to your doorstep and assembly is quick and easy without requiring the use of any tools.