The Elements of Creative Web Design


The Elements of Creative Web Design:

A creative website design is a combination of visually appealing elements that can create a positive impression on your readers and which can get them to read the content of your website. It also includes web essentials that can boost your website’s productivity and usability.Creative & Innovative Website Design Company in Phoenix is to be researched first.Enumerated below are the elements of creative web design and how you should incorporate colors, fonts and graphics to create a visually appealing and functional site:

Color: The colors you choose should have significance to your site. If you have a website that is primarily about caring for the environment, having a site that is predominantly green is a good choice because this color is often associated with eco-friendly practices and products. Similarly you can opt for a predominantly white website if you feature wedding dresses and accessories on your site. You should also make sure that you choose the right color combination because opting for colors that do not go well together can negatively affect your website’s overall appearance. There are a number of color swatches, palettes and color charts that you can check out on the internet. You can use these as guides if you need help inchoosing color combination for your site. You may also want to learn about color meanings and how colors can affect people’s moods so you can make color choices that can have a positive impact on your website, particularly if you site is set up for ecommerce purposes.

Creative Web Design

Fonts: Your choice of fonts can have an effect on how your readers will perceive your website or your company if yours is a business site. One thing you have to ensure, though, is that the font you choose for your website should be legible. If you use a font that is not available on your visitors’ computer, the text on your website can appear skewed and your content can look unorganized and even sloppy. Stylized fonts may look nice on your website but many people have a hard time reading texts that use highly stylized fonts so it will be a good idea to settle for web friendly fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Georgia. Remember that using fonts that are too small can also make it difficult for your readers to read the content of your site so make sure that the fonts you use are large enough to be Easily read by your visitors.

Graphics: Images and other forms of visuals are often used in creative web design to showcase and even highlight ideas and products. They are also used to inject artistic flair into a page. You should, however, remember not to use too many images on your site. Posting too many photos, charts and badges can make your website look cluttered making it look unprofessional so use HTML links instead of linked images or badges when posting external links on your website.  Make sure that you also include relevant textual content on your images to give your readers an idea what your images are about even at a glance. You should properly use the alt tags as well to make your images more search engine friendly. Remember that the images you should use mustbe relevant and add value to the article that they describe. If you are publishing an article about RingCentral, for example, it will be a good idea to use images that depict phone communication because this is related to your subject matter. You do not use illustrations of flowers, food or other non- related images because you just want to add color and visual appeal to your article.