Emergency Bankruptcy Filings:


An Overview

You may be drowning in debt and need a quick solution to your debt problems. Eventually, you might consider filing bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start. However, even Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the fastest type of bankruptcy of all, may not be quick enough to stop your creditors’ actions and save your most precious assets.

In these cases, you may have to opt for an emergency bankruptcy filing to save the assets that matter most to you. However, you may be wondering: What is an emergency bankruptcy filing? When should I use this option to get rid of my debts? Do I need the help of a bankruptcy attorney? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

What is an “emergency bankruptcy?

Usually, a bankruptcy filing can be a long, tedious and arduous process. Providing all the paperwork required by the court can take a long time, especially if you don’t work with a local bankruptcy attorney. The fastest type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can take several months before you get a discharge. The other more familiar alternative, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, could potentially take many years before you get rid of most of your debts.

However, if you are in a hurry and need to clear your debts as quickly as possible, a bankruptcy filing may be just what you need.

Also known as “skeletal bankruptcies,” emergency bankruptcy filings allow you to enjoy the benefits of bankruptcy, such as automatic stay, by providing only a minimum set of requirements.

However, it is best to speak with a kt-bankruptcylawyer.com, such as KT Bankruptcy Lawyer, before proceeding with your emergency filing. The attorney will help you decide if this is the right option for your case and guide you every step of the way.

When should you consider it?

Sometimes, an emergency bankruptcy filing is the only thing that can help you save some of your most precious assets. Emergency bankruptcy can help you avoid:

·   Foreclosure on your home.

·   Repossession of your car.

·   Eviction.

·   Creditor lawsuits.

·   Wage garnishments.

Now, you don’t need to state a specific emergency in your filing. However, you must prove to the court that you need debt relief as soon as possible. If you are unsure how to proceed, consider calling a bankruptcy attorney near you for a free consultation.

What information do you need to file for an emergency bankruptcy?

To file for emergency bankruptcy, you will need the following minimum requirements:

·       Bankruptcy Petition: In this document, you will indicate to the court what bankruptcy chapter you wish to file.

·       Creditor Matrix: This is simply a comprehensive list of your creditors. You must include their contact information and addresses. The court will use this information to notify them of your filing.

·       Social Security Number Statement: You must provide the court with your social security number. Don’t worry; this information won’t be made public.

·       Certificate of credit counseling: In most cases, you must receive credit counseling within 180 days before your filing.

How can I find an attorney near me?

Finding an experienced local bankruptcy attorney is very simple. Just by searching for “bankruptcy lawyers near me” on Google, you will find several interesting options.

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