Everything There is About Snack Packaging


One of the best marketing strategies for a product, especially for snacks is its packaging. This is why getting custom snack packaging has been always a go-to for companies when it comes to increasing their product salability. Snacks have been an easy go-to meal for most consumers because it is readily accessible and with a very demanding schedule, it gives you the temporary fill when a person goes hungry. So, with a lot of different snack options that are available in the market, and regardless if you are a new-comer or not, it is important that you should be partnering with a reliable packaging company that will be able to provide you with great custom snack packaging. 

Kinds of Custom Snack Packaging

In choosing the right packaging for your snack, it is important that you should be working with a company that has a team of flexible packaging experts in order for you to get the best deal of your money. 

Here are the types of snack packaging that you may find great with your product:

  1. The Pillow Bag snack packaging

This is a simple snack packaging, and this is the type that is being mostly used in the food industry, especially those that manufacture chocolate bars, snacks, or even with those healthy protein bars. 

  1. The Block Bottom Bag snack packaging

This is a stand-up type of packaging with a block bottom bag. It also has a central offset back seal, and a whole range of resealable features that will surely be perfect for your snack storage and packaging. 

  1. The DOY Bag snack packaging

This type of snack packaging is sealed on three sides along with a black bottom snack packaging. This type of snack packaging works great for a lot of users and this also creates an added attractiveness to your products on the shelves when placed in any stores or retail space.

  1. The Gusseted Bag snack packaging

This type of snack packaging is commonly used in coffee, tea, or the pet food market. The side gusset of this packaging will expand thereby filling heavier contents of the packaging. 

Why Custom Snack Packaging is Important

Aside from the type of packaging, there are other things that should be considered when it comes to deciding the packaging of your snacks. Here are some points why a smart custom snack packaging is important:

  1. It should result in cost savings when it comes to storage and transportation

When choosing the type of packaging, it should one that will not make storage an issue. The packaging should enable you to pile up a lot of items but only consuming a minimum floor area. With this, it will help in saving you some inventory costs. The structure of the packaging should also provide you with cost-effective transportation by letting you ship a lot of items in just a single packing list.

  1. It should be able you provide with low cost in minimum runs

With the type of packaging that you have chosen, it should enable you to manufacture the product in a single minimum run without having to make your company shell out additional costs when it comes to running productions at minimum levels. 

With this, it will enable your customers to buy your products at a more reasonable price, instead of buying it at a more expensive price. This is because you were able to get an efficient production even if it is at a minimum run. 

  1. It should provide your product with great shape and structure

The design of the packaging should provide your product with a wide array of shapes and sizes. Your choice of packaging should be one that is commonly known to the consumer, like that of a stand-up pouch. There are a lot of other shape options for you to choose from, but your choice should boil down to that which is effective for you in terms of sales and production. 

  1. It should be able to provide you with convenience

Convenience is another way for you to add value to your product. This is why you should really plan your packaging carefully in order to give you the best edge against other products. The reason why is because consumers will not only look at the price of the product but also the convenience that it gives to the consumer, especially when it comes to the handling of the product from the shelf to house storage. 

One of the many great examples is having a re-sealable pouch such as a press-to-close lid, or a zip-lock, or a re-sealable cap. So if your packaging has these features, this adds another good impression to the consumer because this will save the consumer from going around and look for another container to transfer the contents. There are also packaging materials that have microwaveable features in order for consumers to directly microwave the content(s).

  1. It should be able to provide for Product Security

If you will be able to get a packaging with great quality, then it will further help you in keeping your products fresh, thereby giving your products longer shelf life. Also, if your snack packaging has puncture-resistant features, then this will help in safeguarding your products from outside elements, especially from potential puncture risk during transport. 

  1. It should be able to provide you with a Better Shelf Impression

Your snack packaging should be able to give you a more spacious surface that your graphic artist can work with. This is why if you will be able to select the right snack packaging, this should be one that will let your product give a statement for itself. If this happens, your product will surely be more competitive against other products. 

You can choose to do flexographic printing as this will help in creating a beautiful high-definition graphics. So, with this type of printing, this should be able to provide for a more precise ink control plus a solid lay-down od a wide variety of films. So, if you will take advantage of this revolutionary type of printing, then you should be able to create a product that has a very appealing quality to the consumers which is really great especially if you are a new-comer in the market.