Exciting Features of Android O – All You Need to Know


Is the age of Nougat over? At its I/O 2017 developer conference, Android O has been officially announced by Google. Android OS runs on billions of devices, so it is quite acceptable that the news about the new update received tremendous attention and curiosity. Developers can start learning Android O for the improvement of their applications. Android O is easier to install and more stable than the older dev preview and available through the Android beta program for the following devices:

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Pixel C
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player

But you don’t need to get disappointed for not having a Google-branded phone. Google has taken an initiative called Project Treble where they have ensured that the latest OS comes to many more devices. Android O is packed with brilliant features and offers new levels of productivity, security and performance. Here’s what caught our eye so far.

Enhanced Battery Life – Android O promises to prevent apps from wasting your charge. It will automatically restrict the apps that are running behind your phone and prevent them from drying out energy from the battery. The OS will help to keep your phone automatically in a lowered power state when it is not in use. In today’s market when smartphone makers are trying to invent new ways to ensure longer battery life, Android O will certainly aid their effort to a great deal.

Redesigned Settings Menu – With Android O, users can experience magnificent visual change in the settings menu. The old version is changed and revamped to appear more aesthetically pleasing. Comparing to Nougat, the settings menu is much shorter. The umbrella categories such as “device”, “wireless and networks”, and “system” are replaced with more descriptive sections like “security and screen lock”, “networks and internet”, “apps and notifications” and “connected devices”. The entire settings area is kept easily manageable, straightforward and simple.

Attractive and Unique Emojis – Google has extensively researched on how a user can express his/her feelings and emotions in a better way through certain images. That is why they have included emojis in Android O that are completely different looking than emojis found on other platforms. The addition of new emojis may not appear as a big deal at a first glance, but marketers are calling it shrewd marketing strategy for Google to attract more and more users.

Picture-in-Picture – It is an innovative addition in Android O. Picture-in-Picture is primarily a floating video window that works with any app, not just YouTube. It Allows users to continue watching videos while working within other apps. PiP ( Picture-in-picture) feature opens up tons of possibilities for multitasking.

New Android TV Launcher – Android TV hasn’t had much attention from Google in the past few developer conferences, but the emergence of Android O has given Android TV a new lease of life. It has been redesigned significantly to make the contents available more easily. You can get your favorite shows in quick time without entering and searching within individual apps. It has a completely new-look launcher menu that comes with simplified content discovery option.

Adaptive App Icons – In an attempt to clear up inconsistent app icons in Android, Google has introduced strict design guidelines for developers. It enables them to craft multiple shape templates for each icon. These new app icons will animate based on user interaction and support badge notifications.

Bluetooth 5 Support – Bluetooth is an essential wireless technology that has got a considerable amount of importance in Android O. High-quality Bluetooth 5.0 spec audio codecs now being supported by the OS. It is capable of connecting two pairs of headphones at once for listening to music with friends. It is an excellent addition to Android O that will bring value as well as better user-experience to the users. The only condition is your paired device will need the right hardware for Bluetooth 5 to work.

Physical Keyboard Support With Enhanced Keyboard Navigation – Google has given a special care in Android O’s hardware keyboard navigation support using physical keyboards. With the changing requirements of the users, the company has tried its level best to aid both the end users and developers by providing them the opportunity to easily tune-in a physical keyboard to perform various sort of tasks.

Kotlin Support – Since its announcement of Kotlin as the standard programming language for Android app development, Android O fully supports Kotlin programming language. Developers can use this language in a meaningful way without facing Java’s annoyances.

Security Features – Android O implements more protections against viruses, malicious files, security threats, and malware attacks than any version before it. Security and safety have been given optimum importance in the Android O operating system.

The Android O is well-appreciated among the developers and the market experts. Google truly knows the nerve of the users and come up with ideas and plans that surpass their expectation. This is the simple reason why Google is so highly regarded. The speciality of the company is they always think from the user’s perspective not from their own perspective. That’s why most of their products are so successful and hugely popular.