Expert Reasons Why Local SEO is Important for Businesses


SEO or search engine optimization is a very successful form of local digital marketing. When properly done, SEO can bring more leads and customers to your business. Businesses should take advantage of local SEO since it’s a Google way of pulling up search results based on a geographical area.

Local SEO helps businesses to promote their product and services to local customers at the time the customers are looking for products and services. However, it becomes difficult to achieve the goals of SEO especially when you as a business owner lack skills and knowledge about it. That’s why it is recommended to work with a local SEO Consultant.

A local SEO consultant will analyze and review your business website and all the incoming links so as to provide professional advice, direction and any other necessary advice that your business needs. This will help your business to earn more natural search engine traffic and higher search engine ranking positions.

Note that, majority of local customers are using Google as a way to do research of products and services they are looking to purchase. Therefore, it is good for business owners to aim to rank at the top of Google’s search results.

Local SEO is different from traditional SEO in that, it focuses on your Google My Business profile page whereas traditional SEO focuses entirely on your website. Local SEO enables your business page to be displayed along with a map showing your business location as customers search their targeted keywords. Local SEO is, therefore, an incredible approach that creates a valuable opportunity for businesses to market to local customers, clients, and patients.

Without much ado, read below the top reasons from an expert why local SEO is the way to go for your business success.

  1. Majority of local customers are using the internet to search products and services they are looking to buy.

Local SEO can be looked as the modern version of Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages were incredible since customers used to look under the Yellow Pages to find out which businesses were listed in case they needed a local product or service. Nowadays, people just type in the product and services they are looking for plus “near me” or their region name at the end of their search in Google which allows Google to pull up the most related local businesses for that search. In fact, study has shown that almost 95% of people search for local businesses online. Since many people are looking online to buy products and services, it is crucial to ensure your business is visible online.

  1. Local SEO is a profit maker.

By following the steps involved in local SEO, your business stands a very high chance of making more profit with the much needed online visibility.  The more your business is visible online the more traffic you will get to your website thus leading to more leads and hence more sales and profits.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Truth be told, as you aim to make more profits from your business, you also would want a service which is cost effective and provides real results.  Local SEO is very gainful in that, creating your Google My business Page is free. In fact, most local online directories are normally free to list your business on.

Local SEO creates high conversion rates and low cost to initiate therefore offering an opportunity for greater return on investment (ROI).

  1. Your competitor is doing it

As the need for digital marketing grows, a majority of business owners are leveraging the power of local SEO. Chances are that your opponent may be implementing local SEO in their businesses. If you are not advancing your position, you are losing ground from your competitor.

The verdict

Technology has advanced, customers are no longer the traditional customers like before. Mobile phones have made shopping easier, a majority of customers are using their mobile phone to search online for products and services before they make important decisions of making their purchase. Take this advantage leverage the power of local SEO in your business so as to enjoy the benefits associated with it.