Exposing Your Business on YouTube: 10 YouTube Marketing Hacks


Exposing Your Business on YouTube: 10 YouTube Marketing Hacks

Social networks have become such a powerful tool of promotion nowadays that it is no longer possible to ignore their influence on potential customers. And YouTube is even more influential for it is aimed at obtaining useful data, composing your own feed and interacting at the same time.

Every company can create a YouTube channel and keep it as a way of their company promotion. There are several ways how YouTube videos can raise your company’s sales, transform your businesses reputation, and lead it to success.

How to use YouTube for business aims? Have a look at several ideas below what you can do on YouTube to achieve your business promotion goals.

  1. Show off your Products

This is the main purpose of creating a video channel on YouTube. By making outstanding videos, you can demonstrate the products you sale and do it with all your creativity, heart and soul. The more efforts you put in video production, the more appreciation from audience you will get, so, this is the straight way to express your brand’s individuality.

You may shoot your own professional videos showing off your products and services or assign this work to freelancers. In case you need additional video footage, you may download videos off the Internet with this download tool. For video editing, you may use the native YouTube editing app.

  1. Get Customers’ Feedback

On YouTube you can easily reach your target audience and interact with it. By the means of comments, likes and dislikes you will learn how much potential and existing customers like a particular video on your channel and your activity in general. Don’t hesitate to ask your subscribers to put likes and comments your videos, as it positively influence your video search rankings on YouTube. Comments may also become a good indicator of problems with your products. In this case, you’d better to confirm and problem and tell about its nearest solution than to deny it. This fact will help raise their loyalty if experiencing negative feedback.

  1. Buy Advertising for Fast Leads

In case your first videos don’t get enough views, you may buy advertising to acquire your target audience. YouTube has a transparent system of advertising where you bid for views with similar advertisers. The highest bid wins. Any video uploaded to YouTube can become an ad. Pre-roll video ads appear before other videos on YouTube. Other video ads appear besides playing videos and in search results. You may choose any type. Don’t worry about your budget: you can set a limit and spend what you’re comfortable with.Plus, you only pay when someone engages with your video ad. If they skip it before 30 seconds, you pay nothing.

  1. Tell the News about your Company

With your channel growing up, you will get more and more target audience collected in one place. Then they all will be interested when you launch something new. So you may easily transfer your company news platform to YouTube. Share your hot news, minor updates, upcoming events notices in a creative and eye-pleasing way.

  1. Compete for Organic Search Clients

YouTube videos are great from the point of view of search engines: they can be easily found, displayed and accessed by most Web users. So if you put a little bit more efforts in creating SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, you will be able to receive a great bonus of capturing organic researchers. There is a good compilation of YouTube SEO hacks here. In this article, you will find the practical step-by-step guide on what you should do in order to get good organic traffic for Google and YouTube search. For example, don’t ignore sharing your newly published videos in all possible channels like Quora communities, Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, etc.

  1. Help Your Clients

You can publish explanatory guides on YouTube to help customers understand insights of your products. If you make them memorable, fill with original ideas and creative design solutions, they will explain how to do something and will be profitable for your company image. Moreover, “How-to & Style” is a very popular YouTube category. So you have chances to get your videos found via related video section.

  1. Look for Potential Clients in Comments

YouTube is a great place for real-time communication. You may post comments not only under your own videos, but explore your competitors and related channels comments. Especially, this strategy works if those channels are abandoned or rarely supported. You need to find popular videos on your topic and look through the comments under them. If you reply the questions there, move forward. Be careful with leaving backlinks to your product or videos, as those comments may not overcome spam filter. Still if you are able of giving a detailed reply with a link to your website, this will be highly profitable.

  1. Use closed captions and subtitle to enlarge your audience

Subtitles and closed captions open up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or hard of hearing viewers or those who speak languages besides the one spoken in your video. Why not try finding new customers outside your region?YouTube offers speech recognition technology to automatically create captions for your videos.Therefore, everything you need to do is go to Video Manager on YouTube and add closed captions or subtitles to your clips.

  1. Collect New Subscribers

If people do like your videos, they will subscribe to your channel. And even if they don’t read the news feed every day, YouTube will send them weekly emails to notify that something new on your channel happened. Thus, they will constantly receive reminders about your brand and may return to make another purchase.

  1. Make Useful Playlists

People on YouTube love playlist, and here we mean not only music ones. Create playlists around your topic and compile there all useful content together with your own videos. Write a SEO-friendly title and wait for new customers coming from playlist search results.

Promotion on YouTube is not an easy task. We hope that with the tips above it will become easier to achieve.