Factors to Consider When Buying a New Drone


Thinking of buying a drone? Well, the drones are those gadgets that are designed to function like the real military drones, however, they are small in size and are mostly used to record video footages and take aerial pictures. Drones are still evolving; more features are still being incorporated into the latest drone models. For instance, the Holy Stone X400C comes with a battery that takes 1.2 hours of charge time and can produce up to 8 to 9 of flight time. These are the most considerations when buying a drone.  A drone that will take longer to charge is sometimes frustrating. Another aspect is the flight time. You do not have to charge a drone after every 3 minutes of flight time and that is why it’s is better to choose a drone that will give you more flight time.

Drones come in different brands, sizes, and shapes and this can be confusing when buying one. Buying one requires you to ensure you are aware of many important aspects such as flight time, battery life as well as portability of the drone.

In this article, we highlight the features to consider when choosing a drone.

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  1. Decide what type of drone you need

Drones come in different types and models so before you go out to buy one, you must first decide the type of drone for your needs. As the need for aerial photography increases, drones are becoming more popular than it was some years back. If you want a photography drone, then you must know what you type of drone photography can best suit your photography needs.

The most popular drones currently come equipped with a fixed camera or a place to fix a small action camera within its body. If you have a desire to buy a racing drone you must consider speed.

  1. Drone features

Even if you want to buy a drone to take aerial footage and videos or you want to buy a racing drone, there are different features of each type that you must not overlook. Below are the basic features that you should consider.

  • Camera

The type of the camera that your drone comes with is a crucial factor to consider.  Some drones come equipped with an onboard camera whereas others require one to have an option to fix the camera on the body of the drone. The drone professionals recommend users to buy a drone that comes with a built-in camera. Those cameras that come fitted within the drone are lighter than the ones that require other products to fix it on the body.

You need to consider other factors like the camera megapixels, the video resolution that the camera produces and the distance the camera can take footage.

  • Battery life

Drones come with batteries and these are important factors to consider. You need to consider how long the battery will take before it drains. A drone that will fly long enough to accomplish the task without its battery draining is the best one to buy. Another aspect is the time it will take to get fully charged. The maximum time recommended for a battery to get fully charged is 2 hours. Anything more than that sucks. Also, check whether it’s possible to switch the battery and whether the replacement batteries are available. Note that, you do not want to buy a drone only to realize later that its spare parts can take you miles to buy.


The above are not the only factors to consider, however, we thought they are the basic and most important. It is worth noting that a drone that will complete your desired task within the required time without developing any hindrances is what you should aim at.