Fast Backup Option With The Photostick Technology


Storing the priceless memories without any frustration is more important. When you are looking for extra storage or backing up your photos, then choosing ThePhotoStick is a unique option. It is a small USB thumb drive, which mainly gives you the instant backups of the images well suitable for organizing them in a unique way. The PhotoStick mainly provides more amount of storage which is suitable for handling everything. This is one of the one-time purchase options, so there are no cloud-based services required. This gadget mainly works on the Window and MAC operating systems to give you complete security even upon the daily usage. Similar to that of the external hard drive or flash drive, this PhotoStick mainly works on giving you the extra backup of your files. There is also no extra installation software required, and it takes only a quick way of storing your devices. You could have a number of photos of your weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, or any other events. It is important to back up the photos in a more excellent way.

  • Easy to use the gadget
  • Backup Your Photos and Videos
  • Filters the duplicates
  • Completely portable and easier to carry
  • Media can be backed up weekly
  • store even up to 60,000 files
  • Automatic
  • Swift to use
  • Scans and finds media files

Easier To Use:

Now, you get the best option for backing more than thousands of photos, even within simple clicks. It is a completely simple process for handling everything. This gadget is mainly enabled with the Custom-designed interface, which is a much more efficient option for understanding even regardless of system knowledge.

No Extra Software Required:

The PhotoStick have the simple option to use. You can just plug your PhotoStick on the Mac or Windows computer. The gadget runs automatically. To get more details about PhotoStick.

Fast To Removes Duplicates:

When using this device, it mainly filters the duplicates automatically, so there is no need to worry about anything. This would ultimately save you time as well as maximize the storage space. When there are similar files, then it would increase the space on the hard drive, so the  Photo Stick uses the innovative technology fro easily storing your data and analyzing the duplicates. You could easily remove the duplicate files anytime.

Get More Memories:

Now you could easily have more memories for storing the photos. You could easily search for the file and folder for ensuring that no image is missed. Your search becomes easier with the filter functions. It could also even store up to 128GB storage capacity so that they could mainly store or back up more than 60000 photos as well as videos on the whole.

Backs Up Files Fast:

Now, you can easily save the photos within a few minutes, and it is a more convenient option for backup even with more than 1,000s of photos in minutes. Quick storing capacities of this device make it completely unique in more efficient aspects.

Keep Your Files Safe:

Now there is no need to worry about losing your files when your computer crashes as you can use this gadget for storing.