Favouring the Collaborative – Why More Thailand Start-ups Are Choosing a Co-working Setup


Co-working spaces can provide start-ups with many benefits outside the financial ones. More than just a trend in providing affordable office space to professionals in Thailand, many of these offices form close-knit communities. For businesses trying to establish themselves among experts, the co-working space offers start-ups a nurturing environment in which to work.

In fact, co-working spaces are home to many start-ups just because of the amount of support they provide. Offering businesses some of the finest IT services, hot-desking and dedicated-desking capabilities, the co-working space is definitely a great place to establish your start-up. Businesses choose the start-up for these reasons and others.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons many start-ups choose co-working spaces for their business endeavours in Thailand.


 First and foremost, the overhead associated with adopting the co-working space is much cheaper than conventional office leasing. The co-working space is so much cheaper depending on the plan because businesses only pay for the amenities they actually use and avoiding wasting valuable funding. Furthermore, because the bill is an all-inclusive one, you only pay one bill at the end of the month.

Networking And Collaborating Opportunities

Because the emphasis for many co-working spaces is on providing professionals with a nurturing environment that in many ways is a cocoon, networking becomes part of the platform, both informal and formal. The hot desk is a source of much interaction, and because you often find many different industries renting under one space, professionals have the opportunity engage a diverse range of professionals, exchange information, and create collaborating opportunities.

The collaboration, incidentally, is very important because it can provide your business with the visibility it needs to raise its profile. Additionally, these collaborations can be the jumping off point for other opportunities. In fact, some of the greatest innovations have come out of the co-working collaboration.


 The co-working space is a community in and of itself. When the first co-working space was founded in 2006, one of its principal goals was to establish a space where people work together comfortably in space that would be supportive. The phrase collaboration over competition has been the overriding theme that has spread as the co-working space revolution has spread globally.

For the start-up, this community in many ways becomes the support system that helps many of these fledgling businesses survive. By providing activities and events that encourage professionals and start-ups to engage with each other, the co-working space is meting out its mission of making collaboration a priority in the office. With the start-up, your co-working space can connect you to the right mentors and experts to raise your business’s profile.


 Another more practical benefit of the co-working space in Thailand is that it provides start-ups with a little bit more flexibility in moving around. For one, if your business has to move or travel to another place, there are so many co-working spaces that you can simply relocate without having to worry about the hassles of moving, hassles related to signing a new lease, and hassles related to finding appropriate hook-up to looking for appropriate furniture. You could essentially find an office soon after moving to your new location.

Also, co-working spaces can alleviate the costs associated with scoping out new markets. For those managing a start-up, you no longer have to delay plans to expand because of escalating business costs, as the co-working space is designed specifically for those types of needs. Furthermore, if leasing with larger co-working spaces, you might be able to take advantage of space in other locations internationally.

Choosing A Fluid Arrangement

 The start-up in today’s business environment can pick from a number office space styles. However, the versatility, cost and sense of community of the co-working space prime the pump of industry and innovation. For the start-up, the co-working space is a safe place to imagine, to engage, to learn and to grow.