Feather Flags Advertising

How to Choose the Rightest Product for Your Marketing Campaign?

Feather flags have been a must-have tool when people want to promote brands in outdoor areas? However, picking up the rightest feather flags for your promotional campaign can be very tricky. There are a lot of things that you should put into consideration.

What to Consider

When you are looking for the bets feather flag product, you should pay attention to these following things.

  • Single Sided Print VS Double Sided Print

Generally, there are two types of sided prints in feather flags production, they are single-sided and double-sided prints. In the single-sided print, the graphics or images are only placed on the front side of the flags. In this way, the images on the back part of the flags will be viewed in reverse. Meanwhile, on the double-sided print, the flags come with images that can be seen the right way around the two sides of the products. However, that makes the double-sided print comes with a more expensive price and heavier weight that can affect the flight.

  • Shape

Another thing you have to pay attention when selecting feather flags is the shape of the products. This is important since there are many options available include sail flags, teardrop flags, and swooper flags. However, the selection process will rely on your budget and personal choice.

  • Size

Size also matters. When picking up the best feather flags, the size of the products will depend on the way you will use flags as well as the location you intend to choose to place them. The smaller flags are more effective if you want to welcome people in your store or advertise your business. If you want to conduct promotional events outdoor, tall flags will be the best choice. Meanwhile, you have to consider the size of the exhibition halls and the height of the ceilings if you want to put the feather flags indoor.

Where to Find the Best Feather Flags

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