Features & Benefits of Microsoft Office 365


 If you move to Office 365 cloud, you and your organization get to continue using the same software you have been using for years and also get to shift that burden onto Microsoft. Of course, there are many other key features and benefits. Below on this page, you can find the most significant ones.

Improvement of productivity and performance

Productivity is the kind of term that is frequently used by management-consultants but in the real world, productivity can be summed up in one simple question: “Can I do my job easier?”

Well, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making our lives easier. The same applies to the experience users and administrators get from using Office 365 – it is easy.  They achieve this by simplifying the user experience of their apps and software, which leads to greater productivity.

Whether it’s your business analyst writing policy in Word or your system administrator is setting up a new employee, simplicity is the key to Office 365. The idea is to minimize the need for technical skills so you and your employees can focus on your main duties.

Office 365 is accessible anywhere

Wherever you are, you only need a computer, desktop, laptop – even phones and tablets will work – and an Internet connection/phone coverage to access your enterprise software. That software is running in a Microsoft data center, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

Also, accessing centrally located data has the benefit of providing a single source of the truth. For example, if you make a change to a document, your college will view the same file and see its most recent version but can also see the document history and who and when made the changes.

Having the option to access your business’ documents doesn’t mean less security! This can be as strict or as lenient as desired. You can restrict files to be visible only by organization members or a select group of individuals. Some may be able to view the files without permission to make changes, and some may have complete control over the files. If you are interested, you can benefit from our  Оffice 365 migration services or request a consultation. Keep reading for more advantages of using Microsoft Office 365, on this page.

Bringing security to the next level

Your IT team can finally take a break as Microsoft is taking all the responsibility for security.  This is a reference to the productivity benefit as now that Microsoft is doing the heavy lifting when it comes to security, your IT team can focus on more important tasks.

Keep in mind that Microsoft understands if you are not comfortable with them taking care of all your security needs and they have extensive service level agreements to help put your mind at ease. Take advantage of our Office 365 migration services and consultations for more information about that.

Office 365 handles content management behind the scenes

Microsoft hasn’t changed your favorite apps or software, and all your favorite applications are cloudified as well as connected to the enterprise software.

Take SharePoint 2010 for example. Now, you can work with it without having to leave the Office applications to make changes, review versions, leave notes, and many others.

Microsoft Office 365 provides efficiency and IT control

IT personnel should know what everyone is doing with their systems at all times or at least be able to check if everyone is working the way they should, without having system issues. In case something goes wrong, it is usually due to user error. This is why Microsoft has gone out of its way to create an unprecedented level of control for administrators, but this is not all.

With Office 365, administrators now have control over the environment which can be designed to be simple in nature and intuitive. Once again, we simplify things to improve productivity.

 Let’s wrap up

Office 365 is perfect for businesses and enterprise projects. No matter how experienced your team is, you can either relive them or achieve corporate results with a small team.

We, at EPC Group, offer extensive migration services to help businesses smoothly transit to Microsoft Office 365 from any software configuration, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid.