FieldAP to Create New Technologies in Gas and Oil Industry


FutureOn has developed a new software called FieldAP that will be beneficial the most for energy companies. This is a new technology that will revolutionize the gas and oil industry for good.

About the Company and the Software Developed

FutureOn is part of Xvision that has been around for 15 years to provide visual engineering for clients in the oil and gas subsea domain across the world. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and now has a branch office in Houston, Texas. FutureOn has specialization in creating visual software and digital solutions specially addressed to oil and gas industry. FieldAP as the company’s first product has been developed for over 2.5 years before it was launched to the public in 2016. The software company is supported by a core team and co-founders with high dedication to creating an application to make the operation within gas and oil industry run smoothly. They are all skillful entrepreneurs and has years of experience in the software development and visual design business. In the other words, your energy company will be in the right hand to help it grows.

The Technologies Applied in the Software

To short up, FieldAP is an advanced and visualization technology which is specially designed for oil and gas industries. The technologies applied in the software include:

  1. Cloud

The software comes with a cloud that is based on the digital platform. The cloud is utilized to allow the energy companies to enjoy quick visual workflows of offshore engineering work. In addition, the platform also makes it possible for the clients to integrate the backend systems easily. Not only that, the offshore engineering application can also be used for field planning, activity scheduling to enable you to name specific key areas, and field design. The software provider works to bring your company data into plain sight directly through 2D or 3D visualization in your company’s web browser. In this way, you will be able to create a better decision for your company’s sake.

  1. Virtual Reality

The next technology used in the offshore engineering software is the virtual reality. The software provider makes use a wide range of modern browser technologies such as WebVR standard. The browser technology will allow you to see your entire projects directly in 3D VR form without any processing steps required. In this way, you will be able to use the controllers to make interaction with the equipment. You can also easily inspect Reservoir, plan ROV operations, and much more.

  1. Machine Learning

The software developed by the FutureOn will store all of the important data utilized for offshore software solutions safely. The solutions related to the data include well paths, reservoir, bathymetry, cost, survey, and activity planning to make it easier for you to name a few. The data machine learning is possible to be applied in the future since it grows along with your project database. The data machine learning is useful to help you identify which areas of your project planning optimization that will be beneficial for your company in the future.