Find out how to Get Influencers to Evaluate Your Product Or Service


Find out how to Get Influencers to Evaluate Your Product Or Service

Finding influencers to evaluate your products or services can give it an immense boost in your brand exposure, and then send your sales rocketing sky high. However the strenuous part is actually compelling influencers to evaluate your merchandise initially – which is exactly where most people find yourself stumbling.

Establishing Contact with Influencers

If perhaps you’ve already completed your homework and have shortlisted influencers for your brand marketing campaign, the next approach is to get in touch with them. The mistake most folks make at this point is to instantly mail an exhaustive offer – and also likely never hear back from the influencer.

Considering influencers (especially renowned ones) are mailed loads of emails and messages on a daily basis – less is more in this instance. Simply put, when you get in contact you will need to be clear and get to the point while likewise giving all the appropriate information. Remember that ‘relevant’ in this instance signifies information that the influencer is fascinated with. In other words you must:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Explain what you want from them (i.e. sponsored blog posts, video reviews, etc.)

3. State when you need it by

4. Detail the commission that you plan to offer

Those four points are actually the only ones you must cover at this point, and it must give the influencer adequate information so they are able to decide if they really are interested or not. Anything more than that is unnecessary, so just focus on what’s vital.

What Influencers Expect

Remember the fact that for almost all renowned influencers, the content material that they produce is their fulltime job – so they expect to get paid for it. Mid-tier influencers may be convinced to settle for free samples of the items, but top-tier influencers would require a fee. If perhaps you’re getting in touch with a top-tier influencer, you need to be prepared to approach them with a figure.

Most top-tier influencers are very aware of what they are really worth, and attempting to low ball them is not likely to work. Mainly because these influencers have various other offers arranged, they are more likely to just overlook anything below their expectations. Meanwhile, if you’re getting in touch with a mid-tier influencer with a modest following you might be able to negotiate somewhat. The very least that tends to be expected is a free sample, although loads of mid-tier influencers will get several offers of this kind so offering a modest fee on top of that would get their attention swiftly.

Be sure you temper your expectations based on the kind of influencer you’re engaging. Working with an influencer who has a moderate-sized following is far different from one who has a large following, therefore you should make sure you know the results will vary accordingly. Having said that a few effective sponsored blog posts from quite a few mid-tier influencers with highly targeted followings could very well be just as good (or perhaps better) than one from a single top-tier influencer with a more generalized following.