If project collaboration is your bread and butter, you need to keep up with the latest tolls and techniques. LinkedIn is a great resource for business owners and freelancers. These five LinkedIn groups will help you stay current.

Castlebreck – Knights of Collaboration: is all about Social Business Projects. Join this group and you can learn more about customising Social Business Projects. They can help you with architecture, implementation, training, and integration with Enterprise Systems.

Project Lab – trends, tech and project collaboration: The Project Lab group, which is powered by Projectplace, is an excellent place to chat about project management trends, tools, and project management excellence.

NQI – Collaborative Project Management: NQI’s goal is to encourage discussion about project management and their group is a chance to join in the conversation on topics related to project management. Novices and experts alike are welcome here.

Project Management and Collaboration Innovation: This group is concerned with making project management easier to use. Join the group to take part in friendly discussions about making project management tools that bit cleverer.

Collaboration & Project Management:  This global discussion group believes collaboration and project management are inextricably entwined. If you want to share valuable information, resources and best practices, you need to join the Collaboration & Project Management group.

If you are asking: what is project collaboration, make sure you download this free PDF here. You can also learn about Genius Project’s project collaboration, which comes with a free standard software license.