Ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to transform their business dreams into reality have many challenges to face. From permits and regulations to financial struggles, a plethora of obstacles will make the processes of incorporation and operation both time-consuming and difficult.

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Increasingly, light manufacturing fueled by small businesses is generating a comeback in developed nations. This has been made possible in large part by an equalization of labor costs globally. Nevertheless, many challenges – and competitors – ensure the path is still difficult for many.

For those opening a new manufacturing business, a variety of needs exist. Today, let’s examine five major investments that will undoubtedly have to be made before long-term success is possible.

Conveyor and/or Assembly Systems

Considering that most manufacturing processes revolve around the assembly and inspection of goods, a huge common investment revolves around implementing conveyor belts and assembly systems. Some common examples include roller conveyor systems and belt conveyor systems for distribution of products or assembly, but there are many unique variations available. What’s important is to understand which solution is best for your business and invest early on in its perfection.

Suppliers and Vendors

Manufacturers would have a hard time meeting deadlines and sourcing products without established suppliers and vendors. Establishing reliable bonds with trusted vendors at the onset of operation is vital to smooth workflow and consumer confidence in your products. Likewise, it is imperative that you shop around and verify the best solutions based on quality control, pricing, and reliability before agreeing to anything.


No business can hope to be successful without the up-front capital needed to open its doors. However, capital isn’t just something that is needed in the beginning: you will require various amounts to invest in expansion and improvement of your manufacturing business over time. Whether it be through liquid assets earned as profits or access to lenders, capital will consistently be needed as your business grows.


Another crucial investment for any manufacturer is research. This comes in many forms: from consumer level research that determines who your target market is, to product R&D that helps maximize efficiency for production. Various forms of research can even be used to determine which marketing strategies are most effective, which forms of payment are ideal, and what workflow process is best for your exact production schedule.

Legal Representation

It may not be considered initially by many manufacturers, but legal coverage is absolutely crucial and a worthwhile investment for any business. Particularly for manufacturers, there are many different situations where a lawsuit or legal challenge could occur. From defective parts that cause damage to consumers to unknowingly breaking the law during production, legal counsel can help prevent any negative situations from bankrupting your enterprise. While the benefits of having legal representation on-retainer may not be immediate, they quickly pay for themselves – usually in the first instance of legal trouble.

Manufacturing businesses have many obstacles to overcome – and many situations to consider. When building the most effective enterprise possible, it is vital to consider a variety of investments across different backgrounds and departments. Whether the investment is concrete or intangible, knowing where to focus long-term plans can pave the way for immense success.