Five Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer When Injured at Workplace

slip injury

Accidents in the workplace can happen at any moment, no matter what industry you find yourself in. You could slip and fall due to a spilled liquid on the floor, you could hurt yourself using dangerous machinery, or you could even be struck by a falling object. 

Some of the industries that are most prone to experiencing accidents in the workplace include the healthcare sector, the transportation and warehousing sector, the manufacturing sector, and the farming sector. 

Suffering an accident is a stressful ordeal regardless, however, experiencing one in the workplace makes things even more difficult. Things can get heated or awkward when trying to discuss personal injury claims, which is why it’s advisable to have a personal injury lawyer by your side.

Here’s why you may need a lawyer… 

Your Employer Will Probably Hire a Lawyer Too 

Keep in mind that your employer will probably seek legal assistance if a serious accident has occurred in the workplace. You want to have an even playing field and someone in your corner fighting for you. 

Representing yourself whilst going up against a professional can be tricky. Lawyers, such as the Lamber Goodnow group, are professionally trained in the field of personal injury and can help you come up with a solid strategy. You want to increase your chances of winning the case, so having someone on your side is ideal. 

You Can Focus on Recovery Rather Than Paperwork 

The main priority in all personal injury cases isn’t financial compensation, but rather making a full recovery. Your health is your most valuable asset. Rather than wasting time going through the bureaucratic process of a personal injury claim, you can focus on getting healthy.

Recovering after an accident is a lengthy process that has both its highs and its lows. Some of the injuries that are experienced in the workplace can be incredibly taxing on an individual’s physical and mental health. Let the lawyers deal with the paperwork whilst you focus on your recovery. 

You Can Get a Higher Amount of Compensation 

Having a professional lawyer on your side, arguing your case, can make all the difference in terms of the amount of compensation that you are awarded with. It’s not to say that you can’t settle the case on your own terms, but you probably wouldn’t be compensated as highly. 

Lawyers are equipped to deal with any curveballs that are thrown your way. Similarly, you may not know how much money you should be asking for. Different types of injuries can bring in different settlement sizes, so make sure you are well-informed before you engage in conversation with the insurance company.

Insurance Companies Will Take You More Seriously 

Insurance companies are some of the most cutthroat businesses out there. They won’t have much sympathy for your case, whether you’ve simply broken a bone or experienced traumatic brain injury. 

The insurance company’s job is to pay out the smallest possible settlement, so hiring a lawyer will deter them from making any low-ball offers. If they see that you have hired a qualified and well-versed lawyer, they will be more inclined to cover your damages. 

Personal Injury Law Is Complicated to Navigate 

Generally speaking, most legislation is rather confusing and jargon heavy. Unless you have a legal background, even if you are highly educated, you could be missing out on vital information. 

It could take you hours to figure out the next step in your personal injury case. However, professional personal injury lawyers deal with these types of cases on a daily basis, so, for them, it’s practically second nature. Trying to make a full recovery whilst settling your own case can be very stressful. 

By law, your workplace should be a safe environment and your health must remain a top priority at all times. A lawyer isn’t necessary for all workplace injuries, however, it’s best to consult with one if a serious accident occurs. 

Sadly, trying to settle a worker’s compensation claim can be a tough process, especially if there is tension amongst members of staff. Don’t let yourself be swayed by management or insurance companies. Make sure to contact a reliable law firm and ask for their advice. 

Although financial compensation won’t be enough to mitigate the stress or pain that this accident has caused, it can help soften the economic hardship experienced as a result of the incident. Accidents can be expensive and there’s no reason that you should pay because of somebody else’s negligence.