Five things you can do for free to improve your rankings


Internet is one of the most tremendous business platforms now days and a big source of income if everything goes in your way. One of the simplest ways towards genuine income is building your own website. It makes a home for you in internet. The only place where customers and clients will be referred and their visit will improve your domain authority.

But building a website is not the end of everything but it’s just an initial stage. The later stage is more time consuming and needs lots of efforts. There are lots of different things you need to think upon in order to prevent your website being stagnant. These things will of course take time and continuous effort but they will end up with lots of money too.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is known being one of the best SEO-friendly blogging platforms. Keeping this in mind ensure you keep a blog as well. Blogs are similar as diary writing. But here the number of reader are multiple rather than the owner only. You have to write on different topics mentioning them in your blog. Not only this, but keep informing updates to your customers regarding your website.

  1. Keyword Research

About SEO articles always make sure you know about the specific keywords people are interested in means what people are looking for. Keywords can be of any types varying from size or shape that’s why you should have better look at the most popular ones now. You will find certain obvious ones but who knows you might get surprises. To do a good research is also an important tip among the others. So if your research is strong enough, very soon you will be benefitted.

  1. Sprinkle Keywords

Another thing with SEO sprinkling your keywords over certain places is a good idea. But the fact is always do remember Google do not accept too much stuffing of keywords. To please Google you have to maintain the stuffing in such way otherwise there is always a risk of being spammed. And surely you don’t want it to happen.

  1. Proper content

This is the most important of all as people will show their interest in your website only when they find your content marketing interesting while going through them. Try to keep your content easily understandable, catchy, and stick to the topic. They don’t just come to read stories. So try to write quality content to get highly numbered visitors. Simply just don’t bore them. Make them bold, italic or underlined when needed. Put emphasis on text styling.

  1. Google places

Google places are really helpful to get you higher ranks. Try listing your business within this and within a few weeks get your rank placed higher and higher.

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