Five ways to make your Office printer ink last longer


The office printer is used multiple times on a daily basis, so the consumables that come hand in hand with these devices, such as printer paper and ink, come and go within no time at all.

Printer ink is expensive and when it’s used naively in the office it can have a detrimental effect on your business’outgoings.

If you’re concerned that your employees are using up printer ink too quickly, here are five tips to make it last longer.

Check your cartridges

Just because your printed materials are coming out faded or appear smudged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your ink cartridges are dry. Sometimes, all your ink needs is a quick shake.

However, there are instances when a full ink cartridge may not work to its full potential.

To ensure your ink lasts as long as possible, it should be stored in a dry, cool room. If not, your cartridges can be affected by humidity, resulting in your ink drying out.

You should also use the correct media with your printer. If you use paper that’s too thick for your machine, your ink may have a hard time printing properly. Its best to check the manufacturers handbook to be certain you’re using the correct media.

Be economical

Saving money on printing consumables is super, but in order to truly save you need to be smart with what you’re buying.

When purchasing new printer ink, you should make sure it’s compatible with the printer and not just the cheapest ink available.

Always use genuine consumables from your printer’s manufacturer as you not only get the best quality possible, you also protect your machine’s warranty. Using the wrong ink can cause problems to the printer’s functionality.

Say for example you own a Xerox printer. You should make sure that you only buy consumables from the Xerox consumables range. By buying the correct printer ink or toner, you can guarantee it will last longer than a cheaper alternative would.

Consider what you’re printing

Do you check your work is correct before every printing task?

Well if not, then you could be making business printing considerably more expensive. By not checking your work for mistakes, you’re wasting printer ink and paper simultaneously.

As well as taking precautions to be certain your work has no errors within it, there are some other things you can do to conserve the amount of ink you’re using.

Firstly, don’t use colour ink when necessary as this ink is more expensive. Furthermore, make sure to use smaller fonts that are still readable. Larger fonts will use more ink, sometimes unnecessarily, with the same applying to using bold fonts too.

Check your settings

To minimise the amount of ink you’re using, there are a couple of setting options you can take advantage of.

Ask your workers to amend their printing preferences to conserve ink usage, starting by changing to a draft setting. You can also change other things, such as changing the colour to print in grayscale or set your documents to print multiple pages per sheet of paper.

Get every drop

Printerscan sometimes tell you that your ink is low when it has a considerable amount left. This is a pre-warning, allowing you time to purchase more consumables before you run out completely.

However, if this message appears then don’t be too hasty and change your ink quickly as there’s probably plenty to use left.

Continue to use the cartridge until the ink begins to fade and the levels of ink are visibly low.

By taking these tips into account, you’re giving yourself the perfect opportunity to maximise your ink cartridges. If you’re struggling with faded prints but it appears that you have plenty of ink left, get in touch with repair specialists today to make sure all damaged areas are replaced.