Fleet Security: Mitigating the Risks of Running a Fleet Business

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Many fleet managers and owners, if not all, know the security risks that come with running such a company. Although technology is there to make operations easier, more transparent, and consistent, the platforms used can be a source of a security breach that can cause severe damage to the business. Hence, there is a need to protect your business by reducing such risks. According to experts, the strategy to mitigate the security risks in a fleet company, or any other business for that matter, should be progressive. Whether you are running a small new fleet or a seasoned big fleet business, consider the approaches we will discuss here.

Have Controlled Access

Fleet companies often deal with vehicles that ferry passengers or cargo. Security protocols require the company to have controlled access to the vehicles, parking areas, and offices where the operations are done. Most importantly, you must protect the server room through strict access control.

It is common for fleet companies to limit authorized access to vehicles, which is a great way to reduce security risks. Even fellow drivers should not enter into any other vehicle than what is allocated to them. If anything happens to such a vehicle, only the authorized driver is accountable and answerable.

Use Advanced Technology

Fleet companies rely on tech devices such as GPS, passenger counters, surveillance cameras, and many others. These devices are operated using corresponding software and apps. First, buy these solutions from reliable sellers to get genuine technology with sophisticated security features. When looking for such a seller, visit the Eyeride official source to see their solutions.

After the right installation, ensure that your solutions have the right security updates. That is why we talked about progressive security solutions. It is often done through regular updates. But if your installed fleet solutions have become obsolete, try a new and improved solution.

Training Drivers and Employees

Every fleet company should embrace training as a valuable approach to mitigate security risks in the company. First, let the drivers know how to use all the tech devices installed in the vehicles. Then, train them on how to detect external intrusion and security breaches. Lastly, train them on how to handle all possible cases of security breaches when operating vehicles. Furthermore, employees in all departments should also train on this.

Set Work Procedures

SOPs and work protocols in fleet companies are crucial. When preparing them, keep in mind all security mitigation procedures. They should be written down and a copy shared with all employees. If need be, it is important to go through them with the drivers and all employees during regular training.

The fleet company should get into the habit of researching the best ways of improving security in fleet companies. It is also during research that one will understand the risk areas and the impact they have had on other companies.


Fleet companies that are keen about security risks are always looking for ways to improve these areas. Anyone can close the loopholes on time or come up with solutions that lower these risks. Take note if you are a fleet manager or owner.