Follow Up! Why Trade Show Follow Up Matters


Following up with your inquiries and booth visitors after you have presented your company at a trade show is very important. In fact, it is the most important thing you can do. What is the point in spending so much money, working hard, and putting up with all the hassles at the trade show, if you do not want to follow up? When you were a child, your mother would have encouraged you to send thank you notes for the gifts you would have received. Similarly, you have to reach out to all the contacts and leads you managed to acquire during the trade show.


Make use of the note you made of your visitors

Hopefully, you have taken detailed notes on pre-formatted lead forms or even printed lead generation slips during the trade show. If you have, you have done well because now you can follow up with your clients much more efficiently. Taking down details is important because you might easily forget specific conversations, often in a few hours. You might have spoken to a hundreds of prospects during the course of the show. You obviously cannot remember every conversation. After your show, the details you have collected will mean the difference between productive follow up conversations and making a fresh start.


Do not waste any time

Trade shows can stretch for many days and at the end of it, you may be very tired. You may have also done a lot of traveling to reach the venue of the trade show. But this is no excuse for not following up with your leads immediately. The contact or lead may have also visited other booths and stands apart from yours. If you delay, some other company might snatch your potential customer.

There are several methods of following up with leads. The classic way is to send a thank you note or an email. Personalize your message, do not dash off a generic meeting. Make sure that you have spelled your contact’s name correctly. If a prospective client sees that you have written their name wrong, it can turn them off. It is only basic etiquette.

You can send them a follow up package containing a cover letter, a catalog, promotional literature, and a personalized thank you note. You can also send them product samples to get them interested. After you have sent your promotional package, call the leads that have the highest chance of converting into sales. Request them for an appointment, to discuss their requirement.

Be vigilant and follow up with your leads diligently. Note that, the trade show is only the first piece of the puzzle, the hard work starts later.


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