FoneLab Helps You Manage Data Easily and Safely without Data Loss


Want to recover the lost data from Computer? FoneLab provides the best of the Data Recovery options and it is most of the reliable resources with all its products. FoneLab even costs less when compared to the other expensive options available in the market. The product is very helpful for people who don’t have a secured backup in an easy way.

FoneLab is even on the urge of developing and improving the products to cater to the needs of customers by providing its features at the lowest possible price.

  • Benefits of having FoneLab Data Retriever
  • It is convenient and fast tools to recover the lost or damaged data on computer, hard drive, SD card, memory card and more
  • It enables an easy and secured data recovery
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  •  Exceptional features of FoneLab
  • FoneLab tools enable you to preview the data to recovered and select the data which is of utmost importance
  •  There is a flexibility of recovering the computer data from both Windows and Mac, hard drive, flash drive and more
  • It is compatible with all devices such as Mac OS and Windows
  • The most common feature of FoneLab is that it is an easy and convenient tool to recover the lost or damaged data

There are many scenarios where the PC goes wrong and all the data is suddenly lost. You have searched the internet for how to recover those data which have been lost.  FoneLab is the best solution for the problems you encountered.

FoneLab data recovery and data retriever comes with different methods where you can try to recover the lost data on the computer, hard drive or other devices. The data can be retrieved in the formats of documents, images, video, audio, email etc.

There are various other products offered to the users of iOS and Android by FoneLab. Let’s dig deeper into each of the product and know how best it can help the users.

FoneLab iOS users

The data on the iOS can be lost due to many reasons it can be through accidental deletion, water damage, factory reset, iPhone lost/stolen. When the data is lost or deleted from the iOS, FoneLab helps in restoring iPhone messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages, notes, safari history and more. Primarily it has three recovery modes which you can choose from.

  • The iOS data can be recovered directly without backing up the files.
  • Recover the data from iTunes while taking the backup onto the computer
  • Retrieve the data from iCloud by taking backup of files with your respective Apple account
  • It even works fine with the older versions, so no need to worry if there is an old phone

Users even have the flexibility of recovering the data from 19 various types of data from iPhone,iPad, or iPod and it can be text messages, WhatsApp, photos, contacts, Notes or call history etc. To assure the data that has been recovered is relevant, iPhone data Recovery assists in scanning the deleted files on devices or backup files.

iOS data restore & backup and system recovery

FoneLab helps in recovering the data quickly and conveniently of the iOS system whether it can be a failure of the system after updating, or it can be damaged through the water. It fixes the iPad/iPod/iPhone problems like recovery mode, Apple logo, DFU mode, headphone mode etc without losing much of the data. It enables you to choose iiOS System Recovery on the main interface and then follow the on-screen instruction to fix iOS errors and then extract the data with ease.

The best way to prevent data loss is to backup data in time. Backup of the data from iPhone, iPod or iPad can be taken with only a click. You even have the flexibility of choosing the desired path without modifying or overwriting the old backups.

  • Steps to backup and restore the iOS data
  • Select the iOS data backup and restore from the interface and then click on the options accordingly.
  • To back up the data choose the backup mode and click on start.
  • click on restore your data and select one backup and start restoring.

iPhone data eraser

Do you want to sell the iPhone without any data stored on to the iPhone, then FoneEraser for iOS cleans all the unwanted data and contents completely and permanently.

It erases all the contents which are stored in the format of text messages, contacts, call history, videos, iBooks, podcasts, documents etc. and presets the settings and makes it as a new iPhone. If not using the FoneLab there may be chances of iPhone data recovery if once deleted also. But, this is the best device which helps in wiping out all the data and prevent them from recovering before donating or selling.

FoneLab for Android Users

One of the best facility FoneLab provides is restoring the data from SD card contacts, videos, messages, or photos without in a powerful and easy way. The software which the FoneLab uses help in recovering the data whether it can be through a virus, water damage, busted part etc. Once used it allows a faster means to recover the lost files stored in the device. Users can recover data from Android phone, SD Card, or the SIM card with no much effort and time.

  • Steps to install FoneLab for Android users
  • Open the FoneLab webpage and select the version either windows or Mac version and click the download button.
  • Launch FoneLab Android data recovery tool onto our PC, and by connecting the device with USB cable. This will help data recovery easy.
  • Enable the USB debugging in settings tab
  • Select the type of file which you want to scan and recover the data by choosing on the next button which is there on the right-hand corner
  • View all the recovered data after proper scanning. Select the file type and the items which you want to recover and click Recover
  • From the pop-up window choose the path and save the recovered data and click recover once again

Android Data backup and restore

Now-a-day as the Android devices become handy everyone loves to store the devices on their hand-held devices. It becomes one of the means to store contacts. So, losing these contacts causes a worrisome to the users. FoneLab helps in Android data backup and restore of these contacts which are stored on the devices. Even sending and receiving the messages has become a part and parcel of the business conversation.

Along with the messages, everyone loves to download songs and store them on to the phone. When stressed you may tend to listen to the songs and get relax from that. Imagine, while listening due to unexceptional situations, the songs are erased and there are no songs to listen. Even we love to take photos and store them onto our devices, but suddenly due to virus attack all the photos are lost and you feel vexed of having this phone. To avoid these scenarios it is better to download the FoneLab tool and get all those photos or music back without any hassle.

Video converter ultimate

This is the ultimate tool to convert all your favourite videos. It aims in converting the homemade DVDs and any other favourite videos to other videos in most popular formats such as MOV, MP4, MOV etc. This powerful tool aids in editing the functionalities and provides a suitable method to edit the videos and enhance the quality with all the special effects.

Few smartphones come with the in-built feature of a high megapixel camera which aids in taking videos. For unknown reasons, these are pictured as sideways in PC. Video converter thus enables you to rotate the videos to fit your screen. Amidst the above, it aids in video converter ultimate which is the best feature in FoneLab.

Screen Recorder

There are times when you want to capture the videos and save them on to your PC. FoneLab provides the best screen recorder and screen recorders for Windows and Mac users. It permits to record the calls, tutorials, TV shows, songs and photos and save it for future references. It can be a favourite file an online game or any other snapshots. Without a doubt, this tool is easy to use and expert knowledge is not at all needed. It aids in capturing the beautiful moments by selecting the area of the screen, format (video or audio).

Final thoughts

FoneLab has come as a blessing in disguise for all the iOS or Android users. There are human errors, things get deleted by mistake. FoneLab aids in helping to resolve all the issues and recovers data which support all the devices including smartphone and computers. This is the best fit for businessmen where the majority of the data is stored in their smartphones.