forex trading

Since the appearance of online brokers like ADS, trading on global markets has taken off as a means of investment for many people worldwide. The forex market is where currency is bought and sold in order to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates. It is one of the most popular investment options amongst day traders. Here is a basic introduction for beginners.

Currency Pairings

With access to almost any global currency, forex offers the option to trade in almost any currency pairing you choose. GBP/USD, for instance, is one of the most popular pairings in the world, accounting for many of the trades done through forex.

Each pairing has its own market behaviours and is influenced by different factors, such as political events or economic performance. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with different ones to start with in order to get a grasp of the basics and work out which may suit your trading style and budget.


One aspect of trading forex which sets apart the beginners from the pros is the ability to research. Since every currency pairing is constantly being influenced by a number of factors, research must be conducted before each trade to find out how currency values might change.

Being able to make the most informed investment possible will maximise chances of success and prevent each trade being an uninformed gamble. Once you have a good overview of the factors which may affect your trades, you will eventually gain an insight into how you can better predict the impact of upcoming events on currency value.


Having gained the ability to effectively research your currency pairing, it is essential that you form a trading strategy to try and be successful in the long run. This will allow you to detach yourself from trades emotionally and approach each with logic, and make investment decisions easier as a result.

It may take some time and experimentation to develop a winning strategy, especially since each is unique, but there is ample information on the internet to guide you on the right path. It is also worth learning technical and fundamental analysis so that you can be fully equipped to implement professional trading techniques into your strategy.


No investment comes without the risk of losing money, and every trader has had to take a big loss at some point in their career. Therefore, managing risk as well as loss can truly make the difference between success and failure.

Look out for leverage, which can amplify losses as well as gains, and only using it in moderation. It could also be worth opening a demo account, with which you can practise trading forex without investing any real money.

Forex is a fast paced and exciting market to trade on, with exchange rates fluctuating nonstop. Therefore, it is well worth learning the basics through studying strategy, researching your currency pairing and effectively managing your trading risk. With some practice and patience, trading forex can become a potentially rewarding venture.