Four Great Benefits of Virtual Private Server Web Hosting


Choosing the most suitable web hosting for your website can be very challenging. You definitely want to choose a cheap service to cut the cost of running your website. But at the same time, you will need a reliable service that will not bother you with continuous downtime. If you want to get the best of both world, VPS is the answer. Here are some reasons why it can be the best hosting type for you.

Bigger Control of Your Server

When you use Virtual Private hosting, actually you will still need to share the server with some other websites. However, since it is configured differently with the cheap shared hosting, you will have greater control over your server. You can install some additional software and tweak the server to your liking without bothering the other websites you are sharing the server with.

The freedom you have definitely will not be as big as dedicated hosting. There will be some limitations and this is why you need to check what kind of things you can do to the server before sealing the deal. Every hosting company might have different plans so make sure to compare several services before clicking the purchase button.

Affordable Price

Having a great control over the server is actually one of the best features of dedicated servers. But with a virtual server hosting plan, you can enjoy that benefit without having to pay the big cost of dedicated web host. Yes, it is definitely more expensive compared to shared web host. However, considering the benefits and convenience you get, VPS is definitely a better option compared to the other two hosting plans in term of price.


When you are starting a website, you certainly have to envision and plan its development and growth. As an owner of a website, you definitely want your website to get better traffic, return of investment and of course loyal visitors. The bad news is, all of your hard work will end up in vain if the webhosting of your choice doesn’t have good scalability.

Having more visitors is definitely a good thing. Unfortunately, higher traffic will also put more burden on the server. If the server is not strong enough to cater to that growth, the performance of your website will be affected.

When it comes to scalability, Virtual Private Server is the best. Upgrading from shared hosting to this server is very easy and most importantly cheap. Upgrading to a dedicated server is also not that difficult. However, unlike the virtual server, it can be more expensive and require some downtime.

Better Performance

This hosting plan also will ensure better performance in the low-cost web host category. It is only shared among 20 websites so the speed is guaranteed. Furthermore, it also comes with a better security system which makes your website less vulnerable to cyber attacks. At the end of the day, of course, everything will also depend on which hosting company you choose. Even though VPS is a good choice for web hosting, if you choose a bad company, you might end up with bad service as well. So, make sure to pick the hosting provider carefully.