Four Jobs in The Tech Industry You Never Considered


The tech industry can be an exciting and fun area for individuals to work in. Technology is changing the way that everyone lives, and it can make a noticeable difference in both the community and the world. But what about if you enjoy everything technology has to offer, but don’t consider yourself a full on “techie”? Is there still room for you to join this growing movement, and be part of something that is new and exciting, when you don’t have any special skills related to computers? The answer is yes. To run a company, many positions are needed and they offer a good salary range for those candidates that is skilled in programming to ensure the company is being handled properly and growth continues. Here are a few to look at if you consider yourself “average” when it comes to tech.

Customer Service

The tech industry can get a bad rap, because many individuals think that customer service doesn’t exist, and people who are technical don’t care about the more human side of the company. This is not true, and even if it exists in other industries, there’s no better time than now to show how the company you work for is different. In fact, customer service and user support are industries that are almost always in need of people. No matter where you worked for previously, you can be sure that if you were in a position that required servicing customers, those same skills can be applied to the tech industry.


If you see a new and developing company that is emerging, you might want to consider offering your services as a consultant, and how you can assist them in being customer-friendly. This is similar to customer service, in the fact that many individuals can feel intimidated by people in the tech industry, and feel they are not understood. As a consultant, you can outline how to make customers feel appreciated within the company. You might want to stress to the company how they can help customers, without making them feel as though they are being sold to on a constant basis. You could also devise a system where customers are handled without having to put on hold, or at the very least, only put on hold occasionally. Many companies will appreciate someone who can understand where the other half comes from, and will want to have an advantage over their competition.

Sales Representative

In the cases of companies that focus on providing products, be it games, software, or other things that will interest customers, chances are they will need someone who is skilled in sales to help them make money. Even if you have never worked in the tech industry, if you can impress a company with information such as previous sales numbers you achieved, awards you earned, or other achievements, you will be well on your way to finding a new job. People who might be intelligent and technical might not have the people and sales skills to go along with the job. This is where you can come in, and help them achieve the numbers they need, and take their company to a new level.


Administrative work is abounding in any industry. Keeping a boss aware of appointments, helping with the hiring process, and dealing with every day issues, such as mail, are all things an administrative assistant can do. Since every company will have administrative work, it is often most beneficial for bosses to outsource this work, and give it to someone else, while they focus on more executive matters. If you have previous experience and would like to work in a fun and interesting environment, then consider learning how to write a resume, and wow a recruiter in the technical industry with your skills and abilities from a previous career.

If you are looking for a different position in the tech industry, consider one of the careers outlined above. Almost every company needs individuals who have these skills, and will want to bring along those who have the experience and energy to make their company run. They will also need help in standing apart from the competition, and there is no better way to do so than to have a solid team of employees who is dedicated to the company. Don’t hold back from what you think you are capable of-start a career that is exciting and different, and work with people who want to make you part of their team and put your skills and creativity to use.