Four Ways to Improve SEO Quickly and Easily


For many small businesses and startups, SEO is something of a mystery

Digital marketing is the bread and butter of the modern business world. Brands are creating valuable relationships with customers through social media and spreading awareness through SEO.

For many small businesses and startups, SEO is something of a mystery. They know it’s important, and may know a few aspects of how to use it, but implementation is another thing entirely. Fortunately, there are a few simple changes that small businesses with limited resources can make. Here are four ways to improve SEO quickly and easily.

Regularly Update Your Content

One of the things Google looks for when ranking websites is that the site is active. Regularly updating your content shows the Googlebot that there is something fresh and new to show your audience. It proves that your site isn’t one of the millions online that’s been abandoned to drift off into the abyss.

Getting into a regular content schedule is the first step to improving your SEO. If the idea of diving into keyword research is too challenging at this time, take subject inspiration from similar sites and write pieces that answer questions and solve problems relevant to your business.

Optimize Your Images

When you’re posting photos on a website, they should be high-quality. That being said, they don’t have to be as high resolution as they would be, if you were printing the images for display on your walls. Optimizing your images for the web can drastically decrease your page load time, which is another thing that Google considers when ranking a website.

Some platforms have built-in optimization tools. WordPress is well-known for offering this feature. Otherwise, images will have to be reduced manually before uploading. In addition to resizing images, you should also take the time to add alt tags and relevant titles to enhance your SEO from behind the scenes.

Improve Your Inbound and Outbound Links

Links play an important role in SEO. Both links in your content that lead to other sites and links from other sites back to your page will improve your Google ranking. Outbound links – those in your content linking to other pages – will show Google that you’re connected with relevant, high-quality content that supports your information. Be sure to choose well-recognized sites with content that relates to the information you’re sharing.

Inbound links show Google that your information is relevant and reliable enough that other sites are linking back to you. You can gain inbound links by guest posting on other sites (which also raises your brand awareness) or using outreach to have links included on other pages. Beware when trying this SEO-boosting method: using spammy, low-quality sites will result in a penalty and downrank you.

Hire the Experts

The easiest way to improve your SEO quickly and easily is to outsource this service to someone who understands SEO and knows how to make and implement a successful strategy. This approach is ideal for large businesses looking to take their web traffic to the next level, as well as small businesses that lack the resources to support an internal team.

When looking for an SEO expert, look for someone with proven case studies of their success. They should be open about the tools they use to offer full service SEO services, as well as their approach. Work with a company that’s transparent about the analytics they’re using and willing to explain what they mean and why they matter. There should be no secrets about a process that millions of businesses are already using.

Final Thoughts

Every business, regardless of size, should take the time to develop some in-house knowledge about how SEO works. This allows for calculated digital marketing strategies and small changes that make a big impact over time.