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In the event that you are utilizing fax for your expert correspondences, it is likely that your faxes aren’t simply constrained to your own region. Most business clients who use fax need to frequently send faxes universally as well. Hence, it is critical to becoming familiar with a route through which you can send and get faxes universally.

Here we will direct you about another approach to send global fax. Through this technique, there is no requirement for a fax machine or a phone line. This is empowered by utilizing an online fax specialist which has the capacity of worldwide coverage.

We will talk about how you can utilize the web to send and get faxes to any edge of the world. In this manner, let us begin:

CocoFax – Worldwide Faxing now Close at Hand

CocoFax is an online fax specialist co-op that is utilized by endless organizations over the globe for their business interchanges. It has made free international fax possible within just seconds now. If you need an online fax administration that can mirror a similar polished methodology as your own business, CocoFax is the thing that you need.

CocoFax’s speed and unwavering quality have made it achievable to send global faxes as you were sending them nearby. And you know what else, no additional hardware or machinery is needed to fax through CocoFax.

So as to send and get faxes, you don’t require a lot. You won’t require a fax machine, telephone line, or any extra equipment other than what you have as of now.

Part 1: What is needed for International Faxing

Here is the list of things you should be having to send a universal fax.

Fax Number: You likewise need a fax number to send or get any fax (globally or locally). This service is also available via CocoFax. It takes care of this part too for you. You can have a fax number totally free of cost by availing the 30 days free trial period given by CocoFax.

Exit Code: A leave or exit code is a code that you should enter toward the start of a fax archive. It depends on the country or region from which you will send the fax. For instance, in the event that you are sending a fax from the United States to some other nation, you should utilize a leave code: 011 toward the start of the fax number.

Foreign Country Code: It is a code that is utilized to recognize the country in which the fax’s recipient resides. This code comes in the beneficiary’s fax address following the exit code.

Part 2: Step by step instructions to Send International Fax

CocoFax provides you with the opportunity to transfer your faxes from your Gmail address or some other email app. As faxing is not an in-built feature of any email client, CocoFax goes about as an interpreter between your email customer and the other individual’s fax machine.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to have a CocoFax account. Getting an account on CocoFax is not a difficult task at all. What needs to be done is that open up the CocoFax site through the web browser you use on your device, laptop, computer or even handset.

There, on the top right corner, is the option of 30 day free trial. You can click on it to enjoy a full month of free faxing. You can evaluate the CocoFax services and features in this period. If you don’t want to go with the free trial, you can choose one of the subscription plans that CocoFax offers.

Furthermore, one of the best services of CocoFax is that it offers a fax number without getting any payment or credit card details from you. The fax number you get through CocoFax is totally free. In addition, it is also custom made, that is you get to choose your fax number yourself.

Also, provide your full name and the email id you want to use for faxing purposes in the near future.

Step 2: At the point when you are finished with joining the CocoFax family, let us hop on to the actual faxing process. Now, you have to open up your email address from either the web browser or the Gmail app. Click on the button which enables you to create a new email.

When you do this, a new window is popped up. The ‘To’ field will contain the fax address of the fax collector. The fax address for sending a global fax consists of four parts actually, with each part necessary to write and having significant importance.

As referenced in the past segment, the exit code comes first after which comes the international country code. The fax number then follows these two codes. In the end, the website address ‘’ must also be mentioned.

In addition, you can transfer your mail to more than one person, that is you can include more than one fax address in the ‘To’ part.

The ‘subject’ field can contain any note that you wish to show up over the fax archive. This field can be left vacant too. The email body is the first page of the fax document. On the off chance that you don’t wish to include a cover page, you can leave it void as well.

Finally, you need to attach the document you intend to fax in the attachment part of the email. CocoFax allows various formats in which your document can be. For example, it allows you to attach documents of the extensions like pdf, doc, png, docx, jpg, xls, etc. Furthermore, there can be more than one documents attached to the email.

Press the ‘Send’ button once you’ve checked that everything is at its place. Now leave the rest on CocoFax. it will perform its job and convert your email to a fax compatible format and then send to the person(s) it is intended to go.

Part 3: Receive International Fax through Email

If you are sending faxes without phone line, then you will definitely receive them too. Faxes are a two-way communication medium. There are no specific steps that you need to follow in order to receive faxes. You will get them just like you receive your regular emails.

Receiving faxes through Gmail is way more easy than you think. When a fax is sent to your fax number, it is received by CocoFax. CocoFax, in turn, converts the incoming fax into an email compatible format and then forwards it to your email address.

You can access all your faxes directly in your email’s inbox. All your faxes will reside alongside your other emails in the inbox.


Now that you have learned all about sending and getting faxes universally, you can utilize the strategies given here to fax anybody all around. More than that, you can use it for free.