Free PowerPoint Templates – Thousands available for Business Presentations


PowerPoint presentations play a prominent role in business events, conferences, office meetings and schools. In fact, PowerPoint presentations, simply presentations, are effective ways to deliver your ideas to a group of people. Presentations appear easier, interesting and result-driving but they demand a lot of effort behind the scenes. A solid presentation amazes the audiences with its simple yet powerful slides, along with a speaker who got some good public speaking skills on its front. 

Especially in businesses, presentations are basic yet influential. Although, you can’t afford your whole time and effort just to create an outstanding presentation leaving your other important chores behind. You can’t make a boring presentation without putting in any effort either. It can simply break your business or the purpose of your presentation. And hiring a designer to just create presentations every time is simply a bad idea as there are resources that help you out efficiently for lesser costs. Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are many templates providing sites that offer you a variety of templates that you can use on your slides to make your presentation spellbound.

Your team and clients might be already bored watching the same Microsoft PowerPoint templates multiple times. Now it’s time for you to amuse them with your fresh slides available from third-party template providers. There are many PPT template providers that offer premium templates and free templates. 

Among those multiple sites, Free PowerPoint Templates AKA is the leading free PowerPoint templates provider that offers over 12,000 pre-designed templates for free. Though this is a free site to download free PowerPoint slides, it doesn’t compromise on the quality, quantity, uniqueness and flexibility. Simply put, this is what you are looking for whenever you are struggling to create a unique presentation.

Source: Free AI PowerPoint template by FPPT

No matter if you are a pro in creating presentations or a struggler (beginner), having pre-designed templates in your hands will make you presentation-ready at any time and anywhere. 

Enough said, without any ado let’s discover why Free PowerPoint Templates ( for your business presentations.

12000+ Unique Templates for all Niches

You don’t need to challenge your brain again to make that default template look unique. There are more than 12,000 templates designed already for your presentation, you need to just select a few from the site and use them. All you need to do is fill it up with engaging and informative content. The templates you used on your slides will captivate the audience. Even if you have to deliver each day a presentation, still your audience will find unique slides every day.

An enormous collection of templates available at FPPT is pre-designed by expert graphic designers. You can find several templates for almost every niche, so you need not worry if you are going to present a purely technical topic or a quite general topic. Whether you want to discuss a business plan with graphics, SWOT with the flow charts, marketing strategy or employee performance with graphs. You will always find enough templates that suit your presentation. 

Highly Customizable & Compatible

Finding great templates that suit your presentation is not that surprising. You may face challenges such as the inability to customize it further or embed them on your Google Slides or Keynote. These are real difficulties, right? Your time and effort both go in waste. But this never happens with FPPT. You can find a variety of templates that are almost closer to your needs. You can preview the templates, download them and use them on any of the platforms such as Keynote, Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. Or even download them to OneDrive and use them or share them. 

You do not need to worry about what to do if they don’t match with the color of your or your client’s company color. All the free templates available are 100% customizable and compatible as discussed above. You can change the color of the background according to the logo of your company and edit the elements on it based on your needs. Everything is highly customizable and you will not find anything to worry about.

Furthermore, there are many other sites offering free slides and templates, like SlideHunter, SlidesCarnival or even Microsoft Office website. But with the slides at FPPT you get all in one.

Find Yours with Simple Search

Tired of searching for templates for your slides? You can relax from now on. At FPPT you can directly search with the keyword to find what you are exactly searching for. Having that said, it has covered all the niches, you can always find something interesting for any topic you search for. Moreover, you need not waste your time to find templates that meet your needs. There are three ways to discover the right templates you need.

  • Search in Free Templates

Click on Free Templates and you will find amazing backgrounds and templates that are trending. Pick the one which caught your attention, download, customize and rock in the show. You can find the most generic templates and backgrounds to extremely business-specific templates in Free Templates. Just scroll down and pick yours.

  • Search with Categories

Don’t have enough time to explore all the available templates? Then search with categories and find only related and relevant templates and backgrounds. You are going to save a huge time.

  • Search with Tags

When you know what exactly you want, say color, theme, type of background or topic, then go to Tags and tap on it. You will discover the templates that you want to see. This option of narrowing the search is the best part of FPPT. You will save both your time and effort.

Captivating Backgrounds and Themes

Plain backgrounds are boring. Especially, in the business presentations where most of the audience has zero to little knowledge about the ideas you’ve discovered. To rejuvenate them and enhance their mood, colorful and captivating backgrounds, themes will help you. Furthermore, you can maintain the same flow until the last slide by choosing the backgrounds and themes that relate to your topic. Be it to make a presentation on a specific business topic, educational slides or to prepare a Go-to-Market presentation, these will connect your audience with what you are presenting.

Absolutely Free! No String Attached

Thousands of pre-designed unique templates for hundreds of niches that you can customize and edit them either are available for free. Not to mention, this is the most surprising part when speaking about FPPT. You cannot find any other site offering these many features for free. Hence, this is going to be the go-to stop for the businesses on a limited budget. The portal doesn’t ask you to pay after 10 or 100 downloads nor ask you to subscribe or sign-in. You can simply visit it any time, explore the giant collection and download free Microsoft PowerPoint templates for free. This is why Free PowerPoint Templates are even better than many premium template providers.

Bottom Line

An ideal presentation is that which is short, simple, and engaging. Else you don’t meet the purpose of your presentation as your audience won’t feel the connection between you, your presentation and them. However, you can create short presentations on your own but creating simple and engaging slides need some pro skills. This is where FPPT comes into the picture. Delivering thousands of free and outstanding templates for presenters is what FPPT has been doing for over a decade in the industry. So, you can straight away go to their site and get some amazing templates and rock your presentation.