For those who are new to WordPress, selecting a theme for their WordPress website might be a daunting task. A significant majority of the beginners is confused whether to go with free WordPress themes for personal website or with the paid ones. If you too have this confusion in mind then you are at the right place as in this post, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both free and paid custom WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Themes: Advantages

  • The biggest advantage of utilizing free WordPress themes is that they are free. You do not have to pay a single penny to utilize the free WordPress themes for your website.
  • Even if the themes are free, they have to undergo the strict review process before they become a part of WordPress directory. These checks include clean code, standard features, security, and privacy.

Free WordPress Themes: Disadvantages

  • WordPress forums do not encourage free WordPress themes. Hence, you get zero to limited support for free WordPress themes on forums.
  • If you are looking for additional customization options, then free WordPress themes do not have them. You have to go with paid WordPress themes to receive a host of customization options.
  • A lot many websites and blogs utilize free WordPress themes. Hence, the chances that you will find a unique free WordPress theme are exceedingly low.
  • If you are thinking that you will get a good support when anything goes wrong with a free WordPress theme then you are incorrect in your thinking. Majority of the times you have to research and fix the issue yourself.

Paid WordPress Themes: Advantages

  • Paid WordPress themes have tons of features and a great deal of customization options. You can do a lot more with a paid WordPress theme.
  • The biggest benefit probably of paid WordPress themes is that you get periodic updates. Hence, there is always a scope to get more features.
  • Support provided with a paid WordPress theme is impeccable and immaculate. If anything goes wrong with the theme, the developer is bound to help you in fixing the same.
  • You get to enjoy a unique theme for your website. Moreover, due to the availability of many customization options, you can design your website in accordance with your desires. Therefore, your website is completely different from all other running or upcoming WordPress websites.

Paid WordPress Themes: Cons

  • Sometimes you go with the looks and buy a WordPress theme that looks exceedingly promising as far as the visual appeal of the theme goes. However, there might exist poor coding standards as far as the HTML code goes.
  • If the paid WordPress theme has too many features, it might make your website slow irrespective of whether you are using all the features or a few of them.

Final Words

This is the comparison between free WordPress and paid WordPress themes. It is best that you select a theme in accordance with your business and conduct proper research before making a final choice.