Fuselab Creative UX Design: Things To Consider While Designing Web User Interface

UX design

Are you planning to design a website? Want that your website gets a high number of viewers? Want that your site becomes one of the favorite platforms for your targeted audience? Then it is important to focus on your web site design. The user interface plays a key role in getting the attraction of the users. Otherwise, the website may fail to achieve the goals. Therefore, if you want that your site gets good ranking in short time then consult the designers like FuseLab Creative UX Design who understand your needs and design the site by focusing following key elements

Must be clear

It is common observation the viewers love simplicity. If your design is simple and clear that it will definitely help the visitor to understand your site as well as the message you want to convey to your audience. The skillful designer never merges too many items on one page rather keep it simple and spacious. In this way, the reader can easily find the content he is searching for. Simpler the design, easier for the audience to understand.


To give your brand a recognizable identity the designer focuses on the typography. The font style has much impact on the viewers. Most designers use some fancy fonts or typography but it is readable. It must be flexible and readable. Use of the images and such tools give a good impression to the visitors.

Colors representing the theme of your site.

Colors are used as navigation in the user interface. Some websites use special colors to represent their brand. For example, blue represents the boys therefore, the brand for boys has the site theme of the same color. In this way, it creates an alluring effect for the visitor and people feel good on visiting a particular site. In a similar way, the red and white theme on a site may depict any disease, clinic or treatment strategy. The colors in the UI also depicts the active or nonactive buttons in the site. For example, agree or disagree, disable, clickable.

Placement of icons

It is another key element that designers focus while designing the UI so that the visitors have good User experience while visiting the site. The icons not only give the unique look the site along with making it convenient for the user to use the site. For example, the icon to add a cart contain basket. The user immediately clicks on it to check the cart. In a similar way, a magnifying glass icon for zoom in and zoom out. Bell for notifications and much more.

The designers before embarking in the project completely discuss the content, nature of site and audience. Then he identifies the goals and platform, constraints and platform to design the user interface accordingly. In this way, the website gets the best theme and when the visitor visits the site, he ultimately involved in the site. He takes interest in various portions, read the content and visit it again.