It is extremely hard to predict the future especially for MSPs and Service desk experts who emphasize fulfilling their client’s daily needs. It has always been a challenging task for MSPs and Service Desk to plan for forthcoming technology shifts. With market innovators beyond their control such as Software as a Service (Saas) and Bring your own Device (BYOD) who has resources and time to ponder about how to get ready for future shifts

However, it is quite complicated and requires the tremendous extent of intensive effort to reorganize for new tactics and to employ and upskill staff to brace such kind of new shifts. So what can organizations do to conceive new technology shifts and encounter forthcoming compliance and service needs?

Here are some technology trends to gear up your Help Desk Software, which won’t require re-tooling your whole infrastructure and re-hiring professionals.

Help Desk Automation

Serve your clients quicker wit help desk software automation. Automate tedious tasks by means of keen help desk workflows

With smart ticket allocation, employ your support staff uniformly! By means of a keen round-robin feature that systematizes ticket allocation to the workforce team. By activating the Round Robin assignment based merely upon active workforce. Therefore, a fresh ticket will only be allocated to staff who are on the go at present and an admin can also set the limit of tickets to each staff member. Once the control limit is grasped for the entire staff, tickets will remain unallocated until they are allocated manually or any allocated ticket gets resolved. Use keen rules to operate help desk automation, by applying macros and triggers. Automate the setting of priority, due date and status of tickets.

Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT is an emerging field that is making a junction of technologies regulations. Access controls devices such as cameras and smart card system are now becoming self-aware to some extent with self-computational control to aware against a prospective hazard or report to a greater system to provide arithmetical information to the data aggregator. IOT based devices are quickly being embraced to evaluate everything. Modern time IOT devices have need of the Help Desk software to keep up an account for their device’s status, permissions and connectivity, such devices need authority to certify their level of contact matches the slightest privilege practice. A Help Desk organization must be equipped to reply to a request from a device holder to reconcile configuration, connectivity or for access token or password reset counter to such devices similar to any other object or user.

Audit and Compliance

These are needed to do commerce with several fiscal industries. It controls that precise accounts of access to systems accounting practices and business processes inclusive of data safekeeping. Such certification, at its origin, imposes appropriate attention be given to consumer identity and Access Management life cycle through all the organization additionally it aligns with appropriate recording principles. However, interpreting such regulations and implementing their practices and consistent monitoring can be extremely technical, a prominent Help Desk software can be highly contributory in assisting to support compliance.

Handling legacy track of business applications

Typical application maintenance and monitoring have been supported by MSPs and Service Desk for a long time. Business systems such as Sage, Salesforce, Oracle, Office 365, NetSuite, SAP, Sugar CRM and Dynamics occasionally offer the ability to assign and manage access and direction to your Service Desk for your users. New tactics and technologies enable an MSP or Service Desk to seize the supervision of detached systems and bring them to additional compliance-ready criterions. When access is required to be updated or altered for patronage for one of such systems, a Service Desk must be able to log and track the request and record the alteration as a segment of their progress. System alteration may not essentially be carried out by MSP or Service Desk, but the application and resulting alteration require to be recorded and the permitting authority traced with in the workflow to safeguard appropriate audit log broadcasting. To simplify this, IT Service Management gears can brace arrangements to generate an email and direct it to an application owner or to a third party.