How to get your office interior design right for tech startups?


How to get your office interior design right for tech startups?

Are you looking for that near perfect office interior design for your tech startup? With a number of new tech ‘kids’ coming up in the block every year, the office layout is increasingly being considered as an extremely important element leading to business success. If you are wondering how to get that absolutely right office layout for your tech business, here are some top tips, collected from businesses which have done it right.

  1. Reflect your style

A tech business does not mean that you should be completely devoid of style. To bring out the style in your office design, you must first take into account the mission and goal of your company which you would be highlighting all across in the design.

Take the case of HubSpot, a company which offers marketing, sales and CRM solutions to organizations for an increased bottom line. The company builds ideas and thrives on ideas; this focus on ideas is revealed throughout its office interior.

Again the Uber office reflects advancement in technology combined with a keen eye on comfort and spaciousness. The motto of the company, which is to make moving, working and thriving convenient, is reflected in every part of the study design.

  1. Create a comfortable atmosphere

There are many employees who work from the coziness of their own homes. So, keeping in mind the amount of time people spend in tech startups, creating a comfortable ambience is important. You should choose the right pieces of furniture so that work becomes comfortable.

Be it a plush sofa or an ergonomic office chair, you should give employees different work options so that it enhances productivity and efficiency. Also having Cool Dehumidifier which reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor.

  1. Bring out the artist in you

Be it office renovation or creation of a fresh office space, your design choice goes a long way in setting the mood of your workspace. The design professionals work with color psychology because they know that different colors have the potential to evoke joy, communication and energy. For instance, it would be good to choose a cool green or blue color in case of a lounge area since it encourages one to relax. Again, bright colors like yellow or red are great matches for meeting rooms, since lot of idea generation takes place there.

Along with colors you may also add some extra charm to your tech office space by incorporating some elements such as inspirational quotes and custom art. This helps in making the office look more elegant.

  1. Offer opportunities for communication and collaboration

One of the driving forces of almost all tech startups is collaboration, communication and the sharing of ideas. So, while charting out the blueprint for the office design, you must think of spaces where small as well as large groups can assemble and interact. For this an intelligent spacious layout is all you need.

An effective office design not only impresses clients but also drives employee productivity. You should in fact think of spaces for everything, from serious meetings and large gatherings to quiet work and relaxation.


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