Get Things Done: Top 5 Project Management Software


Project management tools are helpful for the project managers and teams to complete the client requirements and efficiently manage time, budget as well as scope constraints. However, the market is flooded with so many options that make picking the right tool a confusing task.

If you are planning to introduce project management software among your employees, then you have landed at the correct place. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 project management software that is valuable in completing any sort of project efficiently.

  • Celoxis

Right now, Celoxis is one of the best project management software available in the market. It is a complete project management solution that can easily build project plans that adapt to the real world and help you visually track project progress.

It allows you to allocate resources based on the skills and availability so that you can easily maximize your human capital. Along with that, you will get automatic cost and revenue reports for your project plans so that you can monitor profits in real-time. This way, you can prevent billing leaks by invoicing clients without any delay.

You can also create and share dashboards as per your requirements to save time and fasten up the decision-making process. And not to mention, Celoxis is affordable with the pricing of $25 per user/ monthly.


It is amongst the leading communication software for teams that is capable of syncing all the information in a single hub and helps team members make important decisions together. allows the teams to assemble and display progress data in a logical manner so that all the team members can keep track of project progress.

The reporting and analytics are capable of providing quickly operable metrics, and you can configure the platform as per your rules and policies. You will get tools for tagging teams and people, sharing your docs, and integration with external apps.

You can purchase the software from their authentic website. is available for purchase through four different plans with the basic plan costing around $39/month.

  • Asana

You must have heard about Asana even if you haven’t used its services in the past. It has got a lot of handy features to enhance productivity and deliver projects seamlessly. You can use it to create to-do lists and set reminders so that you never miss a deadline.

You can add due dates, colleagues, instructions to tasks along with the comments. It lets you share images from other apps such as Google Drive. A notable feature of Asana is that it lets you track everything you and your teammates are working on to ensure that the project is running as per the schedule.

You can use its basic version having limited features or purchase it for $9.99 per person per month that is billed annually.

  • Bitrix24

It was built as a new collaboration solution for enhancing productive interaction inside companies. As of now, more than 6 million organizations, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, have chosen Bitrix24 as their project management tool.

It has got in-built tools such as Gantt chart, Kanban, boards, and time tracking that helps the organizations complete the projects and manage a team efficiently. It offers several packages based on the size of your company and your project requirements. It is completely free for up to 12 users and offers 5GB of online storage.

If you have extensive needs, you can go for Project+ at the cost of $55.20 per month paid annually. The price paid is not per-user but for the whole account, which makes it attractive for the big companies.

  • Teamweek

Teamweek is amongst the top 5 tools to handle your project needs and manage the schedule in a more efficient manner. You can use it to visualize tasks on a timeline and therefore allocate resources accordingly.

It, too, comes with different plans and packages, and you can choose any of them depending on your project needs. If you have large teams or your project is non-profitable, or for schools, you will get special discounts. In case you have more than 100 teammates, you have to pay $399 per month to get all the features. You will also get a 30-day trial offer to get familiar with the features of Teamweek.

  • Desklog

Desklog is a popular project management and employee tracking software which is widely used by many project management teams. It has a simple and user friendly interface with comprehensive features like Project Time Tracking, URL & App Tracking, Screen Monitoring with Automated Screenshots, Bug Tracking, Task Management, Evaluation, View Reports etc.

It effectively tracks the workflow of your team and monitors the employee activities  to maximize productivity and performance.This software helps the team to manage time, budget , all the scope constraints and thereby complete all the client requirements.

Free Desklog is available for Windows, Linux and Webinstaller. You can sign up for free and avail the basic features or you can purchase Desklog Pro and start the 30 days Free Trial with advanced features.


The prime goal of these tools is to help managers plan, execute, and control the project’s progress efficiently. Companies rely on these tools to ensure that the project is going as per the schedule and balancing the staff workload. These tools are even more helpful in case of large and complicated projects.

Before you choose a project management tool, make you are clear with your project demands and your budget. Be it a small-scale project or a large one. Project management tools can help you become more productive in everything that you do.