The use of B2B data from reliable sources is a fantastic way to test what will work or not in your industry, when it comes to marketing strategies and putting together plans capable of enhancing your business in 2018.Notably, it will also serve you to understand how your competitors plan to go about marketing this year, as this will help you channel ways to get ahead of them.

Research from the 2018 B2B Marketing Mix Report has helped to point out top marketing goals, trends, and budget allocations.

1). Improving leads for sales teams is a vital marketing goal. 67% of survey respondents indicated sales leads as the most important marketing goal for the year. Though lead generation is not new to the marketing terrain, understanding and incorporating sales and marketing teams into achieving a common growth goal through targeted B2b data is essential for growth.

2). B2B marketers budget hugely on digital marketing. Research indicates that digital marketing would be very big in 2018, either for a startup or an established company. It is deduced from the survey that website development, social media, and digital marketing are ranked among the top four (4) areas of marketing spend.

For a new company to gain momentum in the dynamic marketing world, 10% of its income should be allocated to online marketing, Email is a fantastic medium.

B2B email data enables marketers to optimizemobile direct to screen i.e. mobile phones, pads as part of their strategies. In the UK, about 68% of adults send or receive personal emails via smartphones weekly. The simplicity of checking emails on mobile devices is what has driven the percentage to such an elevated level.

According to Jane from BDPAgency “Use email data to identify new interesting topics for your readers, customers and subscribers.” The same data can be used to help build new segments based on content category or to come up with features that drive more traffic to your website.

B2B data is important in email content marketing because it provides the marketer with an opportunity to send more relevant and targeted emails. With this data, you should ensure that the recipient has a legitimate interest in receiving the information you are sending and then the emails you send are the emails your clients want to receive, and these types of emails will be welcome in any inbox. Using email for driving traffic to your website allows you to get a deeper understanding of your customers and also helps you build a database you can send targeted and relevant content to communicate with them.

If your company embraces new data marketing strategies, tests and analyses the results to enhance your reach this will get your marketing flying in 2018.