Getting the Most Out of Your Employees


Once your employees have secured their contract with you, they should have intrinsic motivation to succeed and progress through your company. This is an attribute that your recruitment process needs to zone in on and find – rather than a mindset to be developed. Nevertheless, there are many ways that employers can enhance the contribution and work ethic of their employees from the first interview to years of service. Getting the most of your employees is easier when you follow these top tips.

  1. Hire People Better than You

If you own a company and want it to develop, there is a strong need for you to hire people who have skills and talents that you do not have. This strategy is employed by successful companies, who then go to the very best agencies to recruit, with InTouch Games Limited being an example of a business that has done exactly that. They have different departments for tech-savvy people to enhance their players’ gaming experiences. Recognising the areas you can improve on is one way of locating the employees with skills you need to attract. It will also make the employees feel valued and their input recognised, contributing to a more enjoyable working life and increased productivity.

  1. Make Their Goals Crystal Clear

Goal setting is one of the best ways to apply accountability on your employees. If they know they are expected to achieve something with a certain timeframe, they will work towards that goal. On the contrary, employees with muddled or confusing goals will reduce their accountability to achieve because they do not know exactly what it is that is expected of them. Moreover, when staff do achieve the goals set for them or reach milestones within long-term goals, this can increase their motivation and help them grow in confidence. Goal setting benefits both the employer and the employee.

  1. Feedback

But what happens when your employees miss those deadlines and fail at their goals? This is when feedback needs to come in to play – and fast. Although setting goals increases accountability and has the potential to harness productivity. If goals are missed the opposite can occur and employees can soon perform even worse. At these moments your employees don’t need lectures or a grilling, they need constructive feedback to help them get back on track and refocus their efforts. This should be done privately and immediately to avoid even more business hours lost.

  1. Moderate Micromanaging

Try not to micromanage If you micromanage every single situation revolving around your employees, they are restricted and are similar to robots following all orders. You hired these people because they had skills and talents that could benefit your company. If you insert them into your company and keep processes the same, they do not get an opportunity to express their ideas or make worthwhile contributions.

Breaking the mould and allowing employees to have their input fosters innovation and strong working relationships. If their idea has a flaw, explain why that is and maybe together you can come up with a joint plan that works.

Keep these key tips in mind to get the most out of your current and future employees.