Getting the Respect You Deserve: 4 Rules of Designing an Attention-Grabbing Business Card

Stack of a blank business card mockup

The business card will never be replaced as a good way to promote one’s business. Business cards are an easy-to-store, attractive way to give casual contacts or potential customers a business’s contact and product information. There are four important rules in business card design.

 The Business Card Design Is Important

Cards that are badly printed and hard to read will be thrown away. Boring cards will be forgotten. An attractive, well-designed card that will grab a person’s attention is more likely to be kept and referred to often. Imagine a prospective customer shuffling through a pile of business cards looking for the one representing a product or service they need. Yes, they will probably have multiple cards. Your card must be chosen over the competitor’s card.

Texas entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds have a choice of Printers in Houston to turn to. Design a card and then ask how they can improve it. If you do not feel up to designing your own business card, most printers have a design department to help.

 Design rule #1: Card purpose

Decide what the card needs to Accomplish such as name or brand recognition, contact information, and advertising. Make sure the business logo is well designed and on the card. This logo can be designed by the business or the printer. The logo should represent what the business does.

 Design rule #2: Attention Grabbing Color Scheme and Appealing Design

A business must have a color scheme that will define them. The color scheme should consist of up to three colors that give a positive message. This color choice should be based on common guidelines for color meanings.

For instance, black is considered powerful while dark blue denotes professionalism, security, and formality. Light blue means trust, openness, and tranquility. Red stands for passion, attention, and importance. Green denotes nature, growth, stability, and prosperity. Each color has meaning, even white which stands for virtuous, clean, and healthy. Choose up to three colors and incorporate them into a simple, appealing design.

 Design Rule #3: Don’t Forget Card Design Basics for Print Size, Graphics

When the basic design is chosen, the business owner must make other choices such as card size and shape, graphics to be used in addition to the logo, the text giving business information, the typography for the text, and special finishes for the cards.  The design should be simple rather than too busy.

Design Rule #4 Avoid Card Printing Mistakes

A creative blog online can give design tips including mistakes in card design to avoid. It is important to use basic design principles. These include leaving at least 5mm space around the card edge, work with 300dpi for good image reproduction, use a print size that maintains legibility, and design the card in CMYK or an equal design program protocol.

Avoid common business card pitfalls such as being too crowded, boring, misspelling words, and not proofing. There is nothing more disappointing than to get a box of business cards and discovering typos or incorrect information. Do not try to save money by printing in black and white only.

A business owner will benefit from taking the time and spending the money to get well-designed, attention-getting business cards with a company logo and carefully chosen color scheme. The cards should provide important contact and product information without being crowded.