Getting to Know What Cloud Migration Services for Business Are All About


There are a great number of ways to boost any business. And it does not matter what kind of enterprise the businessman owns. One of the options to change the business’s performance in a revolutionary way is using cloud migration. This article is going to be devoted to this topic.

Starting from the Very Beginning

Primarily, it is essential to note that cloud migration is one of the ways of digital transformation. It is hard to imagine a successful business without it today. For this reason, considering ordering cloud migration services should take place if you want to achieve nice results in what you do.

If we speak about the definition, cloud migration is moving the data (that is stored within the company) to the cloud. Accordingly, there should be a cloud service provider in order to promote the appropriate work of this stuff.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses decide to put all the data they have in the cloud. Look at the key of them below:

  • Improving the general performance and switching to the end-user experience. As a result of such transformation, more clients are going to be served;
  • Increasing scalability. This also has to deal with the previous point too. The main advantage here is that the tech allows supporting bigger workloads. And this is crucial for any company;
  • Digital surroundings and experience. The data that is being moved can be accessed from anywhere and this is referred both to the clients and employees of a particular company. It is really convenient for everyone!
  • Reducing the costs. The owners of the companies are going to pay for the IT stuff less if they have gone through cloud migration, this is for sure. And the financial resources that will be saved can be redirected to achieve some great results. To be exact, the cost can be dropped by 30-50% which is significant;
  • The company gets a lot of freedom and flexibility in all aspects. For instance, the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) can be facilitated greatly;
  • Safety. This point just cannot be ignored. The business owner who is not able to provide his clients with enough security is going to fail anyway. So, it’s time to think about it very thoroughly!

As you see, there are quite a few pros of why cloud migration should be considered by the business owners.

Key Stages of the Cloud Migration Strategy

As with everything, there should be a clear strategy that will promote the fine implementation of the project. Cloud migration is also about this. However, you should not worry about anything as long as if you trust such a task to a great company, everything will be performed just perfectly.

At the same time, it is nice to be aware of what has to be done. This will add some confidence and you will feel in charge of the cloud migration process. Well, let’s see what the main stages are all about:

  1. Project brief. This is probably one of the most crucial steps as long as it allows the experts to describe the project and its owner and look at what the person ordering the services wants to achieve. Also, at this stage, those who are going to do the work collect all the necessary data and make a decision about the timing (when approximately everything has to be completed).
  2. Then, there is the actual initiation of the project. Individual approach and constant communication play a very important role at this point.
  3. Design. By this, we mean technical design that has to be introduced.
  4. Governance of the project. This is all about introducing proper documentation and training.
  5. And finally, there is a completion of the project. The one ordering the services has to be satisfied with everything. In case he wants to change something, these alterations have to be considered.

Naturally, the stages and their implementation depend on what company you decide to work with. They might differ too. Nevertheless, always feel free to ask all kinds of questions that appear in your mind. This will help you to avoid major mistakes in the future when the implementation of cloud migration will be taking place.

Where Can You Search for a Nice Company to Deal with?

There are two major options to stick to. First of all, it is a good idea to ask your acquaintances and friends for advice. If they own a business, they might have been working with some fine companies already. Accordingly, they are well aware of the strong and weak sides of some IT teams or independent experts.

The second way is going on the Internet and searching there. It might not be really easy as long as there is a chance to face dishonest staff. In order to avoid this, it is vital to look through several sites with reviews and study the cases offered by the companies you are interested in. Besides, you can also ask a couple of questions to the representatives of the firms you would like to cooperate with. If you have a few candidates to collaborate with, this might help you to make a final decision.

What is more, you can also ask for a consultation which will become a turning point in choosing one of the companies for ordering cloud migration services.

Can You Do Anything to Help the Process Run Smoother?

We are ready to give you a positive response regarding this point. In case you are a business owner, you can also take an active part in helping to organize the process of cloud migration that will take place in your company. Here is what may do:

  • Train your team. Naturally, you should not do this alone and it is better to ask those who will be arranging the cloud migration to do this. But you are going to be in charge anyway. So, it will be you who will set the deadlines and make the final decisions. Besides, it is you who should motivate your employees and explain to them why this all is necessary and cannot be ignored. Also, you ought to organize regular meetings that will be devoted to this aspect. Do not forget that your team should realize that cloud migration is going to facilitate their work greatly;
  • Make sure you have studied the data you have before the actual migration process. It’s vital to sort the data out and remove stuff that is no longer relevant. This will help the experts a lot and the process will go faster. It is also vital to be well aware of what data exactly you are going to put into the cloud;
  • Be very attentive within the process. If you see some major issues and feel that something goes wrong, inform the experts about it immediately. This will allow eliminating the problems right when they have appeared. What is more, if you control everything, you will be able to notice that some stuff has to be changed and so on;
  • Try to involve the members of your team in the process. This can be done in a variety of ways. Just be creative and show your confidence and trust to people you are working with on a daily basis.

The Matter of Cost

Every businessman wants the price he will be paying to be adequate and affordable. It is vital as long as if you do not plan your finances, it will be hard to succeed. And the matter of how much the cloud migration will cost is of great importance too.

Primarily, you may be facing a so-called cloud wastage. This means that you pay for more space than is necessary for your company. In case you suspect that such an issue takes place, you need to inform the experts about this and resolve such a problem.

What is more, you will be paying more for the services of a reliable company. It’s not surprising as long as you are going to be charged for many years of experience and successful cases. That is why select the firms you can afford.

To sum up, cloud migration services can take the functioning of your company to a new level. And, you will be facing better productivity and efficiency which will influence how much you earn in a positive way.