We all know how hard it is to find and retain customers in this day and age, what with so much retail competition out there. With that in mind, a gift card program can be a very powerful tool, providing it is implemented correctly. In this article, we will outline the steps to take that should lead to a successful campaign.

  •  Giving your Customers Choices – When one of your customers buys an online gift card, the recipient can use this to buy any of your products. If the product costs more than the card value, the amount is deducted from the price and the recipient pays the balance. You should obviously have cards of varying values, which gives people more of a choice, with perhaps 3-5 different values, ranging from a few dollars to one hundred.
  • Go Digital – The days of plastic gift cards are numbered, and as everyone is online, you should look into gift card software. With gift card system software, the program does all the hard work. While physical gift cards might have been popular a few years ago, everyone is using online cards and vouchers now, and if you want the best results, virtual gift cards are the way to go.
  • Closed Loop Gift Cards – An open loop gift card allows the person to redeem the value at many different retailers, whereas a closed loop gift card only allows people to purchase your goods. Closed loop gift cards offer you a better environment, as they limit the user to your store, and by choosing a popular software brand, setting up the system couldn’t be easier. There is also a great article online on how to boost holiday sales using gift cards, which is a must-read for people who are new to the gift card system.
  • Sourcing the Best Provider – There are lots of online gift card suppliers, and you should carry out an online search to get a shortlist of potential providers, and with some careful browsing, you will be able to make an informed decision. A user-friendly interface is just one essential must have, and the program needs to be able to run multi-promotions, which gives you far more in the way of choices.
  • Marketing your Gift Cards – It is one thing to have a great gift card offer, but totally another to inform people about it, and your marketing will very much define the success of your campaign. It is important to link your gift card page with your checkout, and don’t try to oversell it, as this can easily put people off. Rather than sending customers emails informing them of your gift card system, create a pop-up banner that informs them of the special promotion. You can include a brief reminder when you send emails for other purposes.

Online gift cards and vouchers offer a powerful marketing tool, and if you choose your provider carefully, it is likely that your business will benefit from using such a system. An online search will help you find the best provider, and with their expertise, your new promotion will result in a boost in sales.