Giving Your Small Business a Stronger Social Media Presence


Social media factors heavily into the digital marketing efforts of every enterprise under the sun. So, if your small business has yet to take full advantage of the web’s most popular social platforms, you’d do well to rectify this. Even if social media represents uncharted territory for you and your team, a little bit of effort can go a long way towards enhancing your social media presence and heightening awareness of your brand. Small business owners on the hunt for practical and effective social media tips should consider the following pointers.

Post New Content on a Daily Basis 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful social media account that doesn’t post new content on a daily basis. In addition to keeping your audience entertained, consistently posting new content helps ensure that your brand maintains an active presence in their minds. On the flipside, updating on an infrequent or irregular basis will make it difficult to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. 

With this in mind, make a point of posting new content on a daily basis. For best results, try to post between two and eight new updates a day on your preferred platforms. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have any trouble reusing the same posts across multiple platforms. At the same time, you should also abstain from posting too often, as this is liable to get you muted, ignored or unfollowed. 

However, posting new content alone isn’t enough. You should also make your posts as entertaining, engaging and eye-catching as possible. After all, if you have nothing new or interesting to say in each post, your followers are likely to become bored and potentially stop paying attention to your updates.  

Interact with Your Followers 

The ability to easily interact with various brands and public figures is among the foremost appeals of social media. As such, it stands to reason that your followers will respond to many of your posts with a bevy of queries and comments. Rather than ignore this feedback, make an effort to respond to as many followers as possible. Responding to feedback makes your followers feel heard and valued. This will help draw a stark contrast between your small business and companies that make commenters feel as if they’re simply shouting into the ether. For good measure, try to respond to follower comments in a reasonably timely manner. (Of course, if comments are left outside of normal business hours, timeliness shouldn’t be too big a concern.

Keep in mind that not every comment you receive is going to be positive. While some followers may have legitimate concerns or complaints, others will try to draw you into bad-faith arguments and make you as angry as possible. Even if you find a comment to be particularly irritating, avoid engaging with individuals like this. Not only does responding to them give them exactly what they want, it can also make you appear childish in the eyes of other followers. 

Hire a Dedicated Social Media Manager 

Unsurprisingly, not every small business has the manpower to actively maintain multiple social media accounts. If this describes the situation with your workforce, consider welcoming a dedicated social media manager into your ranks. As the job title suggests, this person will oversee every aspect of your social media marketing efforts. From creating engaging posts to interacting with followers to developing practical strategies for each platform, your social media manager will effectively lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. 

Additionally, this person will be able to determine the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms. If you currently lack the budget to hire someone for this role full-time, consider working with a social media manager on a contract basis.  

If social media doesn’t feature prominently into your business’s digital marketing strategy, you’re practically ensuring that you get left in the dust. Putting a healthy amount of effort into your social media game can expose your brand to thousands of prospective patrons and dramatically increase consumer interest in your enterprise. So, if you’ve never placed much stock in social media, now is the time to rethink this position. In addition to being highly effective, promoting your brand on social platforms is both affordable and easy – provided, of course, you heed the tips discussed above.