If you are unfamiliar with the Ford EcoBoost range, then you are missing out. This is because due to groundbreaking technology and performance, Ford’s 1.0-litre engine has been recognised as International Engine of the Year for five consecutive years.

Introduced as Ford’s answer to the pressing need to produce cleaner, more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient engines, EcoBoost has been a huge success for the company. Ownership is soaring as Ford have used the engine in a variety of models, including Ford’s ever-popular Focus and Fiesta, as well as their high performance options.

The EcoBoost engine provides fantastic fuel economy and performance, and as such, the EcoBoost range has proved popular with families in the suburbs as well as those living in the city. In addition, they are also a fantastic option for business owners.

The Ultimate Business Car

Many business owners and CEOs tend to choose car brands synonymous with wealth and status: Audi, BMW and Mercedes. While all great options, the Ford EcoBoost engine offers something that Ford’s competitors cannot match: efficiency.

The economy of Ford’s EcoBoost makes them an affordable choice for business purposes, whether you commute to a single place of work, or travel frequently to meet clients. They also offer fantastic drivability, meaning they will appeal to the car enthusiast within you, too.

EcoBoost models are also able to boast up-to-date tech, with built-in satellite navigation systems and call features, meaning you travel to meetings with ease while also making those all important business calls.

Ownership Options

When looking for a car for business, many are tempted to lease. This may seem like an attraction option, as by paying an arranged monthly fee, the upkeep and maintenance of the car is included in one easy package.

However, the EcoBoost range is also a great option for those who would prefer to own their car. While you could purchase brand new and shiny from the showroom, buying used is often a more affordable and viable option.

Used cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more than 8 million used cars purchased in 2016. This means that dealers such as Motorpoint can offer competitively priced used EcoBoost models, allowing you to forget about monthly repayment leasing schedules or expensive finance deals.

Ford’s EcoBoost engine has revolutionised the future of low CO2 emitting cars, providing performance as well as economy. With great tech and gadgets, they are also a great choice for business owners and CEO, all at a competitive price.