Grow Your Business the Russell Ruffino Way


Many budding entrepreneurs look towards their peers and industry leaders for management advice. Indeed, the most successful enterprises are often associated with best-practice methodology. Business objectives vary from one company to the next, including expansion of business activity into new markets, product line growth, enhanced market penetration, higher retention rates with employees and clientele, etcetera. Whether it’s a for-profit, or a non-profit business entity, a clearly formulated management plan is needed to achieve pre-stated objectives.

Every business owner has a different vision for their company. The challenge is how best to chart a course towards success. Management expert Russell Ruffino has extensive knowledge of best-practice business methodology, and he routinely shares his advice with fellow entrepreneurs.

Ruffino is the CEO and founder of Clients On Demand. His business won critical acclaim from Inc Magazine where it was listed in the Top 500 best US companies. Ruffino has chosen a different path to conventional management doctrine. Rather than stating what needs to be done, Ruffino has approached the conundrum from the other end: What businesses ought not to be doing in order to succeed. Many business owners spend their time searching for valuable nuggets of information on effective business management strategies. The Internet is awash with data, much of which simply becomes a confusing morass. Millions of results pop up when a rudimentary search on, ‘Best business practice’, or ‘best management strategies’ are typed into search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In this article Russell Ruffino talks about business growth and how best to position a company to achieve its pre-stated objectives. He broaches the topic holistically, ensuring that business owners understand why a plan is needed.

 What Is Ruffino’s 3-Step Approach to Business Success?

#1 An effective marketing plan

A marketing plan should be consistently applied, and targeted towards the right demographic. It looks simple on paper, but it is increasingly difficult to implement in practical terms. The fact that it needs to be consistently applied is a challenge. Business owners, management, and team members need to continually monitor the viability of the marking plan to ensure that it’s the right fit for customers. The right audience is sacrosanct. Businesses should focus their efforts on niche markets, understand them, and then spread their roots into new markets. By identifying the perfect customer, businesses will be better positioned to market their wares more effectively.

#2 Become a social influencer through brand boosting

A company’s brand presence is important. Many leading enterprises have built empires through global recognition of their brands. Once a company has a strong online presence, and it is recognised as such by its customer base, it can easily become a social influencer. By creating hype on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, a company can become a credible operator, and benchmark for others to follow. Multimedia-rich content is a good place to start, notably with video blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, personalised video marketing and the like.

#3 Converting leads

Businesses work hard to attract potential customers into their circle. Direct communication between target customers and businesses is essential to sealing the deal. There are invariably challenges along the way, notably customer fears, competitors, and best-practice methodology to adopt. A thorough understanding of target markets goes a long way towards generating the desired outcomes for a business owner. It should be pointed out that it’s not necessary to become the leading player in an industry, or in a segment to be successful. However, no business will survive if it doesn’t cater to its customer base, innovate, and adapt in a dynamic global environment.