Growing your stock and cryptocurrency portfolios through the use of technology


As an investor, you should know the importance of technology. When looking at any index, you will see that large technology companies are at the foundation of it. This does not only include the established companies such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, but also incumbents and challengers in the market such as Tesla. Naturally, technology should play a big part in how you manage your holdings as well. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, a stock market tracker can help you to analyze the market and have a real-time view of your portfolio.

What is a stock market tracker?

There are many stock market trackers on the market with different types of functionalities. We will explore some of the common features and also look into the differentiating features as well as a future outlook.

Real-time stock prices

This might not seem to be one of the most exciting features. With a spreadsheet such as the one offered by Google, you can also retrieve real-time information through a formula. However, the tracker does offer several relevant features on top. For example, you can set push notifications to receive a message when prices drop by a certain percentage. This allows you to be updated without the need to continuously check your spreadsheet or broker accounts.

Integrate many brokers including crypto

You can directly integrate a stock market tracker with brokers allowing you to have real-time insight into all your holdings. No need to update after you conducted a transaction: all changes will be reflected automatically in the tracker. This is possible through the use of APIs which have been developed by the brokers. The tracker can simply connect to the API and provide parameters to retrieve the information safe and secure. This also holds for the use of crypto accounts.

Trackers have become even more appealing in the crypto space

A strong cryptocurrency tracker can help you navigate the realm of the crypto space with more ease. Especially since you have multiple wallets containing your holdings. You could consider keeping the holdings in a single location, such as a broker. However, when doing so you cannot participate in any of the consensus mechanisms. This means that you cannot grow your holdings (e.g., through staking or Proof of Work). When using a cryptocurrency tracker you can keep the holdings in your wallet and connect them to the tracker. This allows for a holistic overview while growing your portfolio at the same time.

Analytics on previous trades

The tracker also allows you to analyze trades conducted in the past. This can help you to become a better cryptocurrency trader and continuously improve your trading skills. Since crypto is a highly volatile market based on sentiment, having news and trade analytics in a single location will help you move forward as a trader.

Future of trackers

With lots of features being available through a tracker, companies that offer the technology are looking at other means to improve their applications. For example, through direct trading at brokers. When you want to conduct a trade, you can see different brokers and their transaction fees and select the one you would like to transact with. This allows you to conduct all your trades from a single location.