Guaranteed Ways to Stay Motivated at Work


Let’s face it, we all need to consistently take actions and stay focused in order to achieve our goals. When moving toward our goals, there is one problem we are likely to face, which is, we may struggle to find the motivation to work.

Motivation is the energy that not only keeps you revved up but also sets you up for greater success. Thus, if you lack the motivation to work hard, you are likely to procrastinate and end up putting things off. It would not be wrong to say that motivation is elusive. There are days when we are all charged up, focused and inspired to start the day. On these days, we feel like we are capable of doing anything and are  productive. And then some other days, we tend to procrastinate on our goals and struggle to find the motivation to work on the simplest of tasks.

Know that it’s completely okay to not having enough motivation and wanting to laze around for a while. However, if every day at work, you stare at your computer screen, willing to work on a pending task, long work hours seem no less than a lifetime misery to you, and you end up doing nothing, it is something that should change. If you don’t, you are likely to get stuck in a rut forever. If you have this desire to accomplish a lot through the day, here are some effective ways to help you do so.

1.      Rediscover your purpose

Do you know the reason why you are doing what you are doing? If not, it’s high time that you start rediscovering your purpose. There are aplenty employees out there who go through work obstacles without even knowing the purpose behind it. On top of that, they don’t even have a clear and specific goal in mind. And they do a job in order to survive. That’s the reason why staying motivated is no less than a challenge to them.

If you look at successful people, you’ll find out they don’t work mainly for money, instead, they love what they do and they are passionate about it. Thus, it is crucial to have an exciting purpose to work. When you develop a strong passion for what you do, you will be motivated to get to work and get things done.

2.      Stop thinking about how tired you are

Let’s be realistic- nobody really cares how tired or lethargic you feel. If you are feeling down or depressed for some reason, make sure you don’t feel sorry for yourself. Instead, tell yourself you are not alone as every single person encounters different challenges. Whenever life throws curveballs your way, try dealing with them. The way you come out of a miserable situation defines you and makes you strong enough to move toward your goals.

3.      Consider eliminating distractions

Do you find yourself tempted to check Facebook or WhatsApp when you are meant to be working? If your answer to this question is yes, then you should eliminate these distractions as soon as possible to make work happen. Getting rid of these apps for a specific time period is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is invest in Windstream offers to acquire a stable internet connection and install software programs to block these distracting apps temporarily. This way, you will not only resist the temptation to check your phone but also get a couple of uninterrupted hours to focus on work and get important tasks done.

4.      Keep track of your tasks and tick them off when finished

One of the most effective ways to find motivation at work is to look at what you have accomplished through the day. Once you complete a task, open your to-do list and tick it off; this is likely to give you a sense of accomplishment. In addition to that, it is a great way to keep track of your pending tasks and know how much you have done so far.

5.      Stay positive and do exciting things first

If you truly want to stay motivated at work, you should make your work enjoyable. There are several ways to do that. What you can do is find the tasks and work that you enjoy doing. Not only that, make sure you have a positive mindset, it will keep you motivated for everything.

6.      Take short breaks

Are you one of those people who have jammed days at work? Consider setting aside some time to relax and unwind. Taking a break of 5-10 minutes once in a while not only recharges your brain but also keeps you motivated throughout the day. You don’t necessarily have to step outside office premises for a break; just make sure you walk away from your desk. This could mean moving around a bit or simply walking to the office pantry to get yourself a cup of coffee. When you get back to your desk, you are likely to feel more energized.